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POL 320 YModern Political TheorySummer 2012 Study Guide QuestionsGFW HegelPhilosophy of RightPreface and Introduction Lecture 1June 18 1What is the aim or purpose of history according to HegelWhat does Hegel mean when he says that history is both meaningful and purposiveWhat are the important historical events that contribute to or accelerate these historical processes2What is philosophy as reconciliationShould philosophy turn away from the world or attempt to comprehend it What does philosophy have to offer to social and political life3What is the aim or purpose of political philosophy on Hegels accountHow does philosophy contribute to the realization of human freedom4What does Hegel think of the idea that philosophy should be used to criticize and reform current practices and institutions5What problems did Hegel identify in prior approaches to the question of realizing human freedom Consider in particular the issues Hegel identified in abstract universalism How is Hegels critique of the Revolutionary Terror connected to this critique of onesided abstract universalismHow are Rousseau and Kant implicated in this critique6Why is negation an essential element of freedom and why is a freedom based only on negation inadequate What is the difference between the form and content of freedom7Why is making particular choices and commitments an essential element of freedom and why is a freedom based only on these inadequate What makes the wil
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