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Sathya SivapathasundaramthTuesday 12 2011Day 2Role 1 Literary CriticiHe was an oddlooking little mortal with an unusually big of them were reachmedowns from Baptist families and because his mother was so unhandy they always had holes in them and were raveled at the edges and illbuttoned He had a lot of curly brown hair because his mother kept begging Amasa Demptster to put off the terrible day when Paul would go to Myron Papple for the usual boys scalping His eyes seemed big in his little face and certainly they were unusually wide apart and looked dark because his thin skin was so white Davis 33The tool that was being used in this selection from the novel is vivid description because the author uses precise language to explain how Paul physically appeared As a reader I found it very effective because I am very inquisitive when I read and I was desperately looking forward to how this four year old appeared due to his premature birth to this world and how the society looked upon him ii There was no sense in envying him he had the hands and I had not and although there were times when I considered killing him just to rid the world of a precious nuisance I could not overlook that factDavis 33The tool that was used in this selection is character devel
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