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University of Toronto St. George

Entrepreneurship Mini ProjectMovie The Call of the EntrepreneurSathya Sivapathasundaram1What did you learn from the Movie that you did not already knowPrior to watching this documentary I considered the wealthy entrepreneurs in our society as greedy and viciousDue to the vast amount of interest in movies I assumed that most entrepreneurs are greedy and self centered and that they show little care towards the societyHowever this documentary made it very evident that entrepreneurs are motivated by the economy because if there were not any entrepreneurs the economy will dramatically collapse I never knew that farmers were the key to civilization This documentary taught me that farming is the foundation to a wealthy and well civilized country One of the entrepreneurs stated that without farming the structures in Wall Street will not be up and running Farming makes cities possible cities make civilization possible and civilization makes worldwide commerce and technology possible Therefore it had taught me that the advanced technology we use today would not exist without farmers It is a cycle and it never endsAs a student I learned that I can become an entrepreneur with simple ventures The documentary stated that we walk on common resources that we do not even take advantage of We as teenagers have so many opportunities offered to us yet we ignore those opportunities and sources of wealth and
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