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CHM247 Term Test 1 Study Sheet

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University of Toronto St. George
Pete Duspara

stCHM247 1 Term Test Study Sheet Page1 Degrees of Unsaturation y Number of multiple bonds or rings in a structure y Formula for saturated acyclic compound is CH n2n2y Each ring or multiple bond replaces 2 Hs y Formal formulawhere i is the number of that atom in the formal and v is ithe bonding capacity for H y Informal rules o Halogens replaces hydrogen o Oxygen doesnt affect hydrogen count o Nitrogen means to subtract one hydrogen from count Infrared Spectroscopy y IR energy absorption relates to stretch and bending of bonds o Symmetric or antisymmetric stretch o In plane or out of plane stretch y Dipole moment change required during vibration for IR absorption y Light atoms bonded to heavy atoms OH vibrate fast y Heavy atoms and stronger bonds require more energy yy Alkanes o No double bonds wavenumber below 3000 o Some CC stretches in fingerprint region y Alkenes o Sp2 hybrid means a wavenumber above 3000 o Sp2 carbonhydrogen will mean out of plane bending observed in fingerprint region below CC spikesOne spike per hydrogen in the 900s o Also a CC spike16401680 in fingerprint region above the CC spikesif double bond is terminalIf not terminal dipole moment is not strong enough y Alkynes o Sp1 hybrid means a wavenumber far above 3000
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