Ethics Exam Review

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Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
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Christian Campbell

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Ethics Exam Review Part 1 Rhetoric: -logos – logic -ethos – right thing to do -pathos – human/emotional dimension Common law: it is unfair to treat the same facts differently on different occasions Tort/Statute Law (written in statutes) -cause harm -reputation -possessions and property -failure to take reasonable care Learned Professions: medicine, dentistry, architecture, law & engineering -self governing Profession Engineer’s Act -“wherein the safeguarding of life, health, property, or public welfare is concerned Quebec bridge -calculations never properly checked -weight of bridge was in excess of carrying capacity -collapsed, 75 killed -ethical standards are higher requirements than law alone -public safety is paramount -can be guilty if you “ought to have known/told” Part 2 Code of Ethics: act fairly, with devotion and integrity, competence, and fidelity to public needs -don’t be negligent -every licence holder will affix their seal to every drawing, plan, specification, report, or other doc. Remedies -if you break something – fix it -if it can’t be fixed – replace it -if it can’t be replaced – provide compensation Intellectual property (IP) – product of a though process / creation of the mind Ethics Exam Review Patent – description of an invention/product/process -grants inventor exclusive control for a fixed time Copyright – grants owner exclusive right to be paid for reproduction of their work Part 3 -environment must be protected against current and future threats Practical considerations Economical -training and protective equipment Legal -right to safe work environment (WHIMS – workplace hazardous materials information system) Ethical -safe work Precautionary principle: if it has potential to harm, it is harmful until proven otherwise Engineering Solutions Prevention –
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