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10 Jul 2014
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CHM136H1 Full Course Notes
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Answer all questions in the spaces provided on the attached answer sheet. Print your name, student number and tutorial group on this test and on the answer sheet. Write all answers in blue or black ink. At the end of the test, place the answer sheet inside the test paper and hand both in. Itemid 5115 o w n l o a d e r. Downloaderid 20118: i e ii r, i z ii r, i e ii s, i z ii s, the energy diagram below describes a substitution reaction. Item id: 5115: i, ii, iii, a mixture containing equal amounts of i and ii, a mixture containing equal amounts of ii and iii. Questions 9 and 10 should be answered using one of the following 6 terms: (a) constitutional isomers (d) enantiomers. Which of these terms best describes the relationship of each pair of molecules below? (b) identical (e) diastereomers.