CIN105Y1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Key Light, Eyeline Match, Tracking Shot

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28 Oct 2017

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Postproduction: editors go through footage, can take up to 7 months, sound editing begins. Filmic convention: a tradition, a dominant style, a popular form. Function: what elements perform, characters fulfill specific functions. Similarity and repetition: things that repeat to highlight elements of the film. Motif: any significant repeated element that contributes to the overall form. Difference and variation: filmmakers want to contrast characters/environments, how elements of the film differ, repetition and variation are similar. Development: development puts elements within pattern of change, filmmakers treat development as beginning middle end, how similarities/differences move the plot forward. Unity: degree to (cid:449)hi(cid:272)h a fil(cid:373)"s parts relate syste(cid:373)ati(cid:272)ally together a(cid:374)d pro(cid:448)ide (cid:373)oti(cid:448)atio(cid:374) for all the elements included to create narrative satisfaction. Disunity: gaps i(cid:374) the fil(cid:373)"s syste(cid:373) a(cid:374)d for(cid:373) Narrative: a chain of events linked by cause and effect and occurring in time and space, begins with situation series of changes related to cause & effect new situation arises.

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