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23 Apr 2013

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Discussion of concept full sentences, no essay structure required. Evolutionary biology seeks to explain anatomical, physiologial features of organisms as successful darwinian adaptations. Engineered by natrual selection to facilitate greater success at surviving and reproducing within a given environment. Evolutionary psychology applies the same analysis to phenomena of the human mind. Look for universal human emotions, behavior patterns, social institutions, etc. Such as are and literature (aesthetics) which are universal human activities. One attempt to apply evolutionary psychology to the tw myth concerns the evolution of male bonding, explored by robin fox. [the woman] opened her [mouth], saying to enkidu: Excess testosterone: t levels have shown to be significantly hgiher in single men than in married men and/or fathers. A sthrong of greek warrior-men isolated from healthy relations with women and family for nearly ten years is extremely vulnerable to the toxic effects of excess testoster. Leads to aggressive alph-male posturing (ie, honor above all)

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