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From kingship to republic the divisions of powers: had many rulers of different identities: latin, etruscan, etc. Cla160h1s final exam notes: battle of heraclea, ausculum, roman loss, but pyrrhus lost many men, battle of beneyentum, romans win, end: Tarentum: made these greek colonies into roman. Why was rome so successful in conquest of italy. Struggle of orders: had laws similar to early athens, patricians aristocratic families, power = senate and money, plebeians everyone else power = tribune of plebs and plebian assembly. Judge murder trials/capital charges: tribal assembly: represented tribes, based on location and money, elected aediles and praestors, passed the laws of consuls and praetors. 1st punic war territory carthage = navy, rome = land army: messana siege by mamertimes. Start: tensions between carthage and rome despite having the ebro river treaty in spain (rome wanted land!: ebro river treaty: division of spanish territory after 1st punic war romans get.

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