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I. map identification: know the location of these 20 places. 5 of these will appear on the exam. Cla160h1s midterm study guide 2: image identification approximate date, identity of figures, significance, 3 of these will appear on the exam, from which you will choose 2 to discuss. Significance: the red-figure design gave more flexibility in rendering human form, movements, expressions, and perspective. Since most of the ornamentation was narrative, such technical advantages were of utmost importance. Significance: in greek mythology, the oracle at delphi is where a priestess delivered messages from apollo to those who sought advice. Then it became a place where states from all over the. Greek world and asia minor sent representatives to delphi to ask the oracle important stuff. The treasuries were all around here, like a little city. Also an indication of panhellenism, gives a sense of unity, just like the olympics did and stuff beside her and 4 horses scene.

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