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Term Test 1 Notes

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Lecture 1
Greek Root Definition Examples
Avis Ornis,
Theos God
Etymo- True
Logos Word
Dorsum Back
Part 1: Latin
Lecture 2: Latin Prefixes
Root Definition Examples
Galac- Milk Galaxy, galactose
Cf. Confer Compare
Carry Circumference
Scribe Write Circumscribe
Hydor Hydrate Water Dehydrate
Mare Sea
Prefixes Meaning Examples
A-, Ab-, Abs- Away Abnormal, aberration, aversion, abstract
(Ac-c, Af-f, Ag-g, Al-l, An-n, Ap-p, As-
s, At-t)
To(ward), near Accomodation, affluent, aggregate, annex,
NB. Ad-simulation -> assimulation
Ambi-, ambo-, amb-, am-, an- Around, on both sides Ambition, ambiguous, ambient,
Ante- Before (time or place) A.M. (ante meridiem = before midday)

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Antero-/Anterior More before (derived from ante)
Bi- (bis-/bin-) Twice Bilateral, binocular
Circum- Around Circumference, circumscribe
Co- (Col-l, com-b/m/p, con-n, cor-r) With, together, completely Coeducational, commercial, coordinate,
Contra-/Counter- Against, opposite Contraceptive, counterproductive
De- Down from Decision, dementia, dehydrate
Demi- Half Demigod
Dis- (Dif-f, di-) Apart from Different, discrete
Ex- (e-, ef-f) Out of Exit, export, excrete
Extra-, extro- Beyond, on the outside Extraordinary, extrasensory
In- (Im-m, ir-r) In, on Inflame, import, irradiate
Infra- Below Infrastructure
Inter- Between Interact, intercede, interchange
Intra- Within Intramural, intravenous
Intro- Within, inward Introspection
In- (il-l, im-m, ir-r) Not Illegal, inability, impotent, irrational
Intus- Within
Juxta- Beside, near to
Non- Not Non-flammable, non-conductor
Ob- (O-, Oc-, Op-) Against, in the way Object, obstruct, obvious
Per- (Pel-) Through Per annum, percent, perfect, pellucid
Post- After, behind Post meridiem (PM), post-mortem, post-
Postero- Behind Postero-lateral
Pre- Before, in front of Prefix, preposition, prescribe, preserve
Preter- (Praeter-) Beyond, past, more than Preter-natural
Pro- Before, in front of, forth Proposition, proscribe, propose, promote
Re- (Red-) Back or again Reflex, react, redundant, repetition
Retro- More back Retrograde, retroactive
Se- Apart, free from Secretion, segregation
Semi- Half, somewhat Semicircle, semipermeable
Sub- (Suc-, Suf-, Sup- Sus-) Under, below, near, somewhat Subject, suffix, submit, suspense,
Super- (Sur-) Over, above, excessively Superscript, supernatural, surplus
Supra- Above, upon, upper Supra-renal
Trans- Across Transfusion, transportation

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Ultra- Beyond, excessive Ultrasound, ultraviolet
Lecture 3: Latin Suffixes
Substantival Noun Suffix
Suffixes Meaning Examples
-or (to past participle/part B)
(-tor, -sor)
Agent Actor, extensor, flexor, vector, motor, factor
-ion, -ure (to past participle) Action or condition resulting from action Action, fusion, adhesion, junction, fissure
-men, -mentum [-ment] (to
Part A)
Action, or condition resulting from action Fragment, sediment, ligament, segment
-ulum, -b/culum, -b/c/trum (to
Part A)
Instrument Curriculum
-tia, -ity, -tude, -or (not –
t/s/xor) (to Part A) or -ce
Quality, condition or state Dementia, tremor, tumor, magnitude, odor,
humor, honor
-arium, -orium, -ium (to Part B
verb or noun)
Place, space, apparatus Aquarium, auditorium, solarium
-ry Place Aviary, laboratory
-ulus (-olus after vowel),
-culus (-cle), -illus, -unculus,
Also –(c)ula, -illa, -uncula, ella)
Small Nucleolus, radiculus, flagellum, lamella,
globule, ventricle, cuticle
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