CLA201H1 Midterm: Term Test 1 Notes

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30 Jan 2013

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Ad- (ac-c, af-f, ag-g, al-l, an-n, ap-p, as- s, at-t) Tia, -ity, -tude, -or (not t/s/xor) (to part a) or -ce. Arium, -orium, -ium (to part b verb or noun) Ous or -ine (also a and um endings) Abdominal, cortical, dorsal, digital, cerebral, alveolar, jugular, senile, infantile. Fibrous (should be fibrose, only exception), adipose, virulent, cellulose, corpulent, succulent. Concurrent, recourse, excursion, occur (run in the way of), concur, curriculum. Duct, oviduct, abduct, introduction, adduct, conduce, deduce, induce, produce, seduce, reduce. Obesity (quality, condition, state of eating in the way of), edible. Centrifugal (fleeing the center), fugitive (quality of nature of fleeing) Mittere, missum (-mit, -mission) to let go, send. Emotion, motile, oculomotor, locomotion (place/move/quality or nature of) Innocent (not/harm/ing), nociceptive, noxious, innocuous, obnoxious (in the way/harm) Fine flour, mass of microspores in seed plants. Bag, pouch of skin containing male sex glands. Disseminate, inseminate, semen (sow/action or crfa), seminary, disseminate, seminiferous. Tense, tension, tensor, tendon, distension, attend, attendance, attention.

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