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Perseus (sonf o zeus and danae: slays medusa, frees andromeda) Herakes (son of zeus and alkmene: 12 labors etc. ) Theseus(son of aigeus/poseidon and aithra; slays various villains and the. Figures out he married his own mother, his sons get the city and one person. Skin of golden ram, ended up way out east and jason is supposed to get back. He goes there and with the help of medea the princess, he gets the. They have children, and jason marries another princess and medea gets. Generation of trojan war and various other things. Cycles centered around specific cities, families or exploits. Heroic age was different because the other ones are associated with metals. There are sagas/not one individual event minotaur) attacks the city fleece and they escape mad and kills her children. Argonauts (quest fr the golden fleece, jason and medea) He has many children (50 sons and daughters)

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