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Midterm #1 Review

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CLA204 Midterm 1 Review y Olympians NondwellersHestia and Hades o Zeus JupiterJoveFor both the Greeks and the Romans he is the highest god He is really a god of stormy weatherreally a god of weather Zeus is the cloudgatherer the darkclouded he thunders on high the hurler of thunderboltsCloudgathering ZeusAssociated in particular with mountain tops A direct appearance of Zeus is lighteningZeus alone commands his weaponthe thunderbolt No enemy of Zeus is victorious before Zeus He is the strongest of all of the Godsnothing can seriously threaten him Zeus also holds a spear in some depiction which also represents the thunderbolt He is the father of gods and men He is the king anaxbasilaus He is also connected with the bull and that is his sacrificial animal He is often depicted on a throne with his sceptre in hand His bird is the eagleAll rule among mortal men proceeds from Zeus The kings of men are nourished by Zeus and the councils of polis are nourished by Zeus title Zeus Polieus All law comes from Zeus Themis Zeus is the guarantor of justice among men His first true wife is Themis that which is established by law Zeus cannot be claimed by any particular citythat would be to Arrogantonly Rome claimed Zeus as their own He was worshiped everywhere and the largest temples were dedicated to himZeus is also very concerned with the relationships between strangers and he is concerned with the obedience of the laws of hospitality He wants people to uphold their compactsand oaths titles Zeus Xenios guardian of hospitality Hikesios guardian of supplicants Horkiosguardian of Oaths Zeus Boulaios councellorThis makes Zeus qualified to be the god of all he Hellenes Panhellenes o Aphrodite VenusGolden Aphrodite foamborn Philommeides laughter loving Aphrodite Ouranis celestial loveGoddess of sexual desire and the consummation of this desire usually outside of marriageShe is Ouranisfrom the same generation as heavenShe is worshipped with incense and dove sacrifices in gardens and seasShe was born from the genitals of Ouranos according to Hesiod but Homer says that she was born from a union between Zeus and the Oceanid DioneShe is sometimes the goddess of the fiercest animals but they forget their ferociousness in the face of their sexual desiresShe is shown wearing the polos with rich clothing necklaces brightly coloured robes but after 340 BC she is often depicted nudeShe represents prostitutes and physical sexuality Aprodite PandemosAphrodite of the people o HeraWhitearmed Hera Coweyed Hera The Wife of ZeusHera Argeia Argive Hera She is shown wearing the crown of the great goddess polos and the peplos the woven robeShe is linked to cattle cattle sacrificesHer temple predates ZeussHer role in myth is diminished as compared to that in cultshe is often depicted as the jealous wifeShe is more the model of marital life than marital blissShe sits on the trone of heaven and holds her own sceptreShe is the goddess who prepares weddingsShe persecutes her step children Hercules and is violent towards her own children HephaestusShe is the mother of Ares Hebe blossom of youth Eileithyia the goddess of childbirth and the stepmother of Hercules and DionysusHer centres in Greece are located Argos and MycenaeShe also has a sanctuary on SamosShe is worshipped throughout Greece as the Great Goddessher authority in myth comes from the fact that she sleeps in the arms of great ZeusShe has an island Lesbos on which women hold beauty contests o Demeter Ceresmother Earth Mothercorngrain is her sphere of influencein art depicted as holding ears of cornsheaths of wheather daughter is named PersephoneKoreshe and her daughter are sometimes referred to as DemeteresPersephone Roman Proserpina married to Hades Roman Pluto Dismyth of Persephone and Hades and the relationship between Persephone and her mother are earliest presented in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter in the hymn Persephone is rapedtaken when picking flowers virginity with friends
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