CLA204 Lecture 5 study notes

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25 Apr 2012
CLA204 Lecture 5
Greek /Latin Words
1. herma – ‘pile of stones’
2. herm – phallic territorial marking
3. hermaion – ‘lucky find’
4. kerykeion – herald’s staff with copulating snakes, similar to caduceus
5. kore – ‘girl’, ‘corn
6. kantharos – wine cup
7. thyrsus – wand of Bacchus, long stick with ivy leaves and pinecone tip
8. Hephaistion – monument to Hephaistos in Athens
9. nikê – victory
10.apotheosis – process of a human becoming a god
11.kallikikos – ‘beautiful victory’
12.paregra – ‘incidental feats’, other feats aside from the 12 labours of Herakles
13.asthla – ‘labours’, Herakles’ 12 labours
14.arête – manly fame
15.olbos – fortune, success, lasting happiness through physical success
16.xenia – ‘hospitality’
17.aristeia – heroic excellence
1. Hermes – trickster
Argeiphontes – ‘slayer of Argos’
Hermes Psychopompus – ‘Hermes the leader of souls’
Chthonis Hermes – Hermes as a god of the dead, leader of the soul
Praxitiles Hermes – youthful god
2. Demeter
Demetres – Demeter and Persephone as a whole
3. Dionysus – twice-born
4. Herakles – the purifier
Alexikakos – warder of evil
Greek Names and their Meanings
1. Hermes – herma ‘pile of stones’ – herma-as, phallic display, square pillar with
erect phallus and bearded head
2. Demeter – ‘mother’, ‘earth mother’
3. Demetreioi – ‘the dead’
4. Dionysus – dio ‘god’, ‘son of Zeus
5. Hephaistias – city of Hephaistos, capital Lemnos
6. Ares – ‘throng of battle’, ‘war’
7. Herakles – ‘Hera’s glory’, ‘glorious gift to Hera’
8. Hebe – ‘youth’
9. Helios – ‘sun’
Twelve Labours of Herakles
the first 6 were in the north of the Peleponnese
1. The Nemean Lion
2. The Battle with the Lernean Hydra
3. The Erymanthian Boar
4. The Cerynian Hind
5. The Styphphalian Birds
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