CLA204 Lecture 3 study notes

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25 Apr 2012

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CLA204 Lecture 3
Greek /Latin Words
1. metis – ‘cunning’
2. didactic epic – epic that teaches
3. bios – ‘livelihood’
4. pithos – ‘jar’ – food storage vessel
5. genos – ‘people’, ‘race’ – generation derived from this
6. etiological – explanation for the way something is
1. Pandora – dog’s mind, sorrow to all men who eat bread
Greek Names and their Meanings
1. Prometheus – ‘forelearner’
2. Epimetheus – ‘afterlearner’, ‘dummy’
3. Pandora – ‘gifted by all the gods’, ‘a gift from all the gods’
Ages of Mankind (according to Hesiod – Ovid removes the Heroic Race)
1. Golden Race
reign of Kronos, men like gods
no troubles, hardships, lived like gods
similar to state of mankind before Prometheus stole fire
partied, feasted, never grew old
did not need to work to obtain food
vanished when the earth covered them
present as benevolent spirits – look over later races
2. Silver Race
created by the Olympians – inferior to Golden Race
dull-witted, reared by mothers
take ~100 years to maturity, die a few years later
fought, did not honor the gods
die – buried as a generation
refused to honor the gods (Zeus) – honoured as spirits by subsequent
3. Bronze Race
born from ash tree
warriors carried spears made from ash wood
war, armor, weaponry – fought amongst themselves
died and went to the realm of Hades – did not become immortal spirits
not to be confused with the Bronze Age of Greece
4. Age of Heroes/Heroic Race
better than the Bronze Race – more brave
half mortal, half immortal
age of legend – Troy, etc.
go to Hades after death – select number go to Isles of the Blest
Isles of the Blest – equated to the Fields of Elysium in Roman myth
Kronos takes care of the heroes who have died
5. Iron Race
Hesiod’s time – constant lamenting
after Pandora – work, warfare, destruction, quarrels
good things mixed in, but difficult life
continue to degenerate
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