CLA204 Lecture 6 study notes

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26 Apr 2012
CLA204 Lecture 6
Greek /Latin Words
1. tholos - beehive (tombs)
2. katasterism – transformation into constellations
3. Titanomachy – war against the Titans
4. psyche – ‘ghost’
5. shaman – spiritual leader, mediates between world and afterlife
6. psychopomp – brings souls back from the dead, mediates between world and
Greek Names and their Meanings
1. Dan – ‘Danaan maiden’
2. Danaoi – ‘Danaans’, tribe
3. Danaos – ‘Danaan man’, ‘Danaan’
4. Ketos – ‘sea monster’
5. Nephele – ‘cloud’
6. Hellespont – ‘Helle’s sea’, where Helle falls into the water
7. Jason – ‘the healer’
8. Admetus – ‘rich in sheep’
9. Lynceus – ‘linked eye
10.Argonauts – ‘sailors of the Argo’
Greek Collective Names/Families
1. Persidae/Perseids – sons of Perseus, beehive tomb association
2. Atridae/Atreids – descendants of Atreus, shaft grave association
3. Leucippides – daughters of Leucippus
nephews of Leucippus – Idas and Lynceus
4. Minyae – descendants of King Minyas of Oechomenos – alternate name for the
The Girl’s Tragedy – prelude to the emergence of a hero
1. leaving home
2. idyll of seclusion
3. rape – usually by a god
4. tribulation – severely punished
5. rescue – gives birth to boy/twin boys – saved from death – boy comes into
ancestral power
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