summary of the funeral oration

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22 Apr 2011

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Every year the athenians honoured those who died during the war. The bones would be collected in a tent that"s erected and then people make offerings, after which there is a funeral procession where the bones are carried in cypress wood coffins outside the city. One coffin per t ribe and an empty one to signify the missing. Those who died at marathon are buried in the battlefield itself to show their great achievement: after the bones are buried, one person whos considered intellectual is chosen for a eulogy after which everyone leaves. Xanthippus was chosen: his speech: a lot of ppl think its an honour to speak for the dead. I t"s a hard thing to do- to balance their brave actions with the words of one single person. When the listener knows the facts, he thinks the orator speaks to little, others think he speaks too much and becomes jealous.

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