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“When I look at you, Enkidu, you are like a god. Why do you range the wilderness with wild animals? Come, let me lead you into [Uruk] of the broad places, to the holy house, home of Anu. Enkidu, get up: I will lead you to Eanna, home of Anu, the place where Gilgamesh is completely powerful, and you [will embrace] him [like a wife]. You [will love him like] yourself. Get up, rise from the ground, bed of shepherds.” - He heard and listened to the prostitute, the advice of a woman - Male-female bodning int he service of male bonding - Partroclus has charge ofAchilles’moal welfare, as a solemn commission from his own faather Menoetius - Natually enough, as Schilles male comrade, Patroclus seeks to reinforce Achilles’bond with the rest of the Greek warriors - And to heal th edisastrous reach cause by the quarrel withAgamemnon - Patroclus presentsAchilles’indifference to his comrades plight as fundamentall inhuman - So patroclus task is to keepAchilels human, and th emale bond is a key facet to masculine humanity - But he also encourages the marriage of Briseis as a humanizing factor - Patroclus knows his freind is incomplete human without real, permant female companionship (wife vs warprize) - Male bonding in the service of male-female bonding - Alternatively: Blame the women, explored by Gottschall - Identifies the fundamental evolutionary drive underlyign most conflict betwen human males as sexual competition - Competition for sexual acces to women - Determined by differing male vs emale reproductie “strategies” among mammals - With minimal investment of time and effort, male can theoreticaly have vast number of offpsring whereas a female can only bear and rasie a small number of offspring every few years - So in animals with a large parental investmant gap between sexes there is a “fundamental shortage of female repreoductive capacity relative to male demand” - This leads to fierce competition between males for the “precious resource” of female sexuality - Compare: Elephant Sea bulls fighting for Harems - According to Gotschll, such competition leis behind most human warfare, both directly and indirectly - Darwnian competition between men for scarce female reproductive capacity drives the plot, charctr and languge and ideology of homer’s iliad, reflecting the acutal circumsntaces of homer’s society (DarkAge) - Exacerbtd by two social factors: de facto polygamy: high status chieftans like Aggy andAchilles keep effective harmes of salve-women and concubines,
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