List of Greek Prefixes

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Terry Robinson

CLA201H_080111 7511 CLA201H_080111pref CLA 201H5 GREEK PREFIXES Prefixes derived from Greek are introduced by Ayers in Lessons 1-3. There are 24 in all, listed in three groups, in alphabetical order, divided between these three lessons. Since there are only 24 Greek prefixes, as compared with nearly 400 Greek bases introduced in Lessons 1-20 of Ayers, it should be obvious that each of these 24 prefixes is likely to turn up many more times than most of the bases. They are also, because of the relatively small size of the group, relatively easier to remember. So memorize them thoroughly, with particular attention to potential confusions. There are FIVE obvious pairs of opposites: 1. an(a)- = up e.g. anaBOLism = conversion of food upwards in complexity (i.e., into more complex matter); constructive metabolism cat(h)(a)- = down e.g. cataBOLism = conversion of living matter downwards in complexity (i.e., into less complex matter); destructive metabolism 2. dys = bad(ly) e.g. dysGENic = pertaining to the bearing of bad offspring eu = good, well e.g. euGENic = pertaining to the bearing of good offspring 3. en-, em-, el- e.g. enDEMic = pertaining to (being in) a countrypopulation = in(to) ec-, ex- = out (of) e.g. ecDEMic = pertaining to (being from) outside a countrypopulation
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