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Ancient greek ancient greek semester summary before final exam

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University of Toronto St. George
Vivian Bykerk

SYLLABUS Ancient Greek II Texts Fagles Robert trans Homers Iliad Hansen Hardy and Gerald Quinn Greek An Intensive Course New York Fordham UniversityPress 1992Platos Symposium General Expectations Pay attention during lectures ask questions raise problems contribute ideas Participate in group activities and discussionslet your interests shape the course challenge your brain to expand and think in new ways respect and listen to the ideas and opinions of otherswe can learn from each other approach the instructor or TA with personal problems or difficulties Reject the basic assumptions of our modern culture The daytime sessions are class periods devoted to absorbing material the Greek Language Greek History etc and to interacting with Greek Culture and with your classmates The evening sessions are Your practice time The TA or instructor will conduct drills assist in exercises and answer questions but when you are working at your own pace it is up to you to make flash cards for vocabulary words reread sections that are difficult memorize paradigms work on your research project do a selfcorrecting examination which appear every three units or so in HQ or if you run out of all other things to do which you wont you will ask the TA or instructor what it would benefit you to do How is CTY GREEK II different from GREEK IGreek II is more focused on developing grammatical skills and honing philological knowledge and ex
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