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CLA201 Test 1 words

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Professor Traill

PREFIXES MEANING EXAMPLE A, ab, abs Away from Aversive, aberrant, abnormal Ad, acc, aff, agg, ann, app Torward Accommodation, assimilation Ambi, amb, am, an Around Ambitious, ambidexterous Ante Before time/place Antecedent Antero Before, front Anterolateral Bi, bis, bin Twice Binocular Circum Around Circumference Co, col, com, con, cor With Coeducation, combine, commercial Contra Against, opposite Pros and cons, contralateral De­ Down from Decision, dehydrate, dementia Demi Half Demigod Dis, dif, di Apart from Discrete, different E, ef, ex Out of Exit, export, excrete Extra, extro On the outside Extrovert In, im, ir In, on Inflame, import, irradiate In, il, im, ir Not Irrational, inability, illegal, important Infra Below Infrastructure Inter Between Interchange Intra Within Intramural Intro Within, inward Introduction Juxta Beside Juxtaposition Non Not Nonflammable, nonconductor Ob, o, oc, op,  In the way Object, obvious, obstruct Per, pel Through Percent, perfect Post After time/place Postmortem, postpone Postero Behind Posterolateral Prae, pre Before Prefix, prescribe Pro In front of  Promote Re, red Back React, reflex, redundant Retro Backward, behind Reterograde Se Apart Secretion, segregation Semi Half Semicircle Sub, suc, suf, sup, sus Under Subject, suffix, suspense, submarine Super, sur Over Superscript, supernatural Supra Above Suprarenal Trans Across Transfusion, transportation Ultra Beyond Ultrasound SUFFIXES MEANING EXAMPLE ­(t/s/x)or The agent Actor, auditor, motor, vector, visor ­io(n), ­ura Action, condition Action, fusion, fission, ad­hes­ion ­men(tum) Action, condition Semen, specimen, fragment, sediment ­(b/c)ulum,  Instrument Curriculum, vehiculum/vehicle ­(t)ia, itas,­tudo, ­or Quali/condition/state Puritas/purity; altitude/altitude; demetia ­arium, ­orium, ­ium Place Aquarium, auditorium ­(c)ulus, ­illus, ­ellus Small Capsula (small box); globulus (small sphere) ­(b)ilis  Ability, capacity Fragilis/fragility; audibilis/audible ­idus, ida, ­idium State, condition Arida/aridus/arid; rigida/rigid ­(an/ac)eus, ­ius, ­a, ­um Quality/nature/made of Canina/canine; igneus/igneous ­ iva, ­ivus/m, Nature/quality Active/active; subjunctiva/subjunctive ­alis, ­aris, ­ilis Connected/pertaining to Infantilis/infant ­(a/e)nus, ­stris, ­ensis Place, origin, belonging  SubterrANEUS, americANUS to ­osum, ­lentum Full of Fibrous, cellulose/cellulous, virulent ­ate Put into action, do Radiate, stimulate ­sc Step by step fluorescence, rubeSCent ­ad Toward Dorsad/dorsum NUMERALS MEANING EXAMPLE Unus, prim One, first Unilateral, univalent Duo, secondus/a/um Two, second Dual, secondary Tres, tri, terti Third Triangle, tertiary Quad(ri); quart; quadr Four; fourth; fourfold Quadruple Quin; quint Five, fifth Quintuplet Sex, sextus 6; 6th Septem; septimum 7; 7th th Octo; octav 8; 8th Novem, non 9; 9 Decem; decimum 10; 10 th Undecim 11 Duodecim 12 Viginte 20 th Centum; centesimum 100; 100 Mille 1000 Millennium ROOTS MEANING EXAMPLE A Abdomen, abdominis Body cavity Abdominal (al=belonging to) Acer, acris Sharp, bitter Acrid (id=state or conition) Acerbus Harsh, bitter Acerbate (ate=do/perform) Aceta­bulum Vinegar­place Acetum Acidus Sour Acid­ity=sour­QCS Acus  Needle Acu­men = needle­action/condition Acutus Sharp Sub­acute = under/less­sharp Adeps/adipis  Fat Adipose = fat­full of Adolescere/adultum Grow up Adole­sc­ent = grow up­step by step­“ing” Alere/alitum Nourish Alimentum = nourish­AC; alma mater = nourish­ mother Acqua/aequus Equal Equilibrium Aestivate Hibernate ­ Ager/agri Field Ariculture **Agere/actum  Do/perform Agent, activate, action Aglitare/agilitum Shake Alba/allibus/album White Albescence = white­stepbystep­ing Alga Seaweed Algor Cold Algid = cold­SC Altus High Altitude Alvus/alvi Belly Alve­olus (diminutive form) Ambulate Walk Ambulent Anger Choke Angina=choking Angulus Angle Triangle Anima Air (in motion) Animal, animation Annus Year Annum, perennial  Aperire Open Aperture Apex End Apis Bee Apiary Aptare/aptatum Fit Apti­tude=fit­QCS; ad­apta­ble Aqua Water Aquarium  Arbor/arboris Tree Arcus  Bow Arc; arch Area Open house Arens  Sand Argentums Silver Aurum Gold Artus Joint Article Audire Hear Audible Auris Car Auricle Avis Bird Aviary Axis Axis Axial B Bacca Berry Baccivorous Baculum Rod Bacillum = rod­small Barba Beard Barber Bibere Drink Imbibe Bilis Bile Bilirubin = bile­red Bona/bonus/bonum Good Brevis Short Brief Bucca Check Buccolingual (os/oris=mouth) Bullire/bullitum To boil Bubble Bursa Bag Bursar C Caccus Blind Cecum Caedere/casum/cis/cid Cut, kill Incisor, decision, circumcision Calere Be warm Calory Callum Hard skin Callous Calx/calcis*** Heel Recalcitrant Calx/calcis*** Limestone Calculator, calcify Canalis Canal, channel Cancer/cancri Crab; cancer Cancer Candere/candidus Shine/bright Candidate Canis Dog Canine Capere/captum,cip,cept Take Concept, capacity, receptive Capillus Hair Capillary Capsa Box Capsule Caput/capitis/cep­/cip­ Head Capital, biceps, capitalism Carbo Coal Bicarbonate Caries Decay Caro/carnis Flesh Carnal Cartilage Cartilage Caseus Cheese Casein Catena Chain Con­caten­ate=with­chain­do/perform Cauda Tail Caud­ad Caulis Stalk Cauliflower Cavus/a/um Hollow Cave, concave, excavation Cadere/cessum Go Abscess, intercede, access, proceed Cella Room Cellular Cerebrum Brain Cerebellum, cerebral Cernere/cretum Separate Discrete, excrete Cervix Neck Cervical Cilium Eyelid Supercilious Cingere/cinctum Surround Cincture Citare/citatum Rouse Incit, excite,  Claudere/ calusum/clus Shut Conclude, claustrophobic, include Clavis Key/collarbone Clavicle Colere/ cultum Till/ cultivate Agriculture, cult, culture Columen Column Coquere/coctum  Cook Concoct Copula Bond Copulate Cor/cordis Heart Cordial Cornu Horn Cornea Corona/ Corolla Crown/ garland Coronary, coroner Corpus/corporis Body Corporal Cortex Bark Cerebral cortex Costa Rib Intracostal Crescere/cretum Increase Increment, crescent Crus/cruris Leg Crural Cubare Lie down Incubate Cuneus Wedge Cune­ate = wedge­do Curprum Copper Currere/cursum To run Concurrent, concur, occur, recourse Cuspis/cuspidis Point Cuspid ­cutere/­cussum Shae Concussion, percussion Cutis Skin Cuticle D Dens/dentis Tooth Dental Dexter/dextra/dextrum Right Ambidextrous,  Digitus Finger/tow Digital Dormire/dormitum Sleep Dormant, dormitory Dorsum Back Dorsal Ducere/ductum Lead Duct, ­duce, ­duction Durus/dura/durum Hard Durable, duration, endure Edere/esum Eat  Edible Ego I Supere
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