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University of Toronto St. George
Professor Traill

  GREEK  PREFIXES   a-­‐  ,  an-­‐   Not   Analgesic,  =  painless,  pain  free,  not   causing  pain  (an  +  algos)   Amphi-­‐  ,  ampho-­‐   Round  about,  on  both  sides   Amphibious,  amphitheater   Ana-­‐  ,  ano-­‐   Up,  back,  back  again,  anew   Analysis,  anagram   Anti-­‐   against   Antioxidant   Apo-­‐  ,  aph-­‐   From,  separation,  lack   Apoptosis   Arche-­‐  ,  achi-­‐   First,  original   Achetype,  archiblast   Cata-­‐   Down,  lower,  under   Catalytic,  cation,  catalysis   di-­‐   Twice,  double   Dimorphic   Dicha-­‐   In  two,  split   Dichotomy   Dia-­‐   Through,  across,  thoroughly   Diagnosis,  diarrhea,  dialysis   Dys-­‐   Bad,  difficult,  hard   Dyslexia,  dystrophy   Ek-­‐  ,  ex-­‐   Out  from,  out  of,  outside   Eccentric,  ecstasy   Ekto-­‐   On  the  outside   Ectoderm   El   In   elipse   Ento-­‐  ,  endo-­‐  ,  -­‐em   within   Endemic,  endoderm,  enzyme   Eso-­‐   within   Esoteric,  esotoxin   Epi-­‐   On,  upon   Epilogue,  epicentre   Eu-­‐   Well,  normal   Euphoria,  eugenics   Exo-­‐   Outside,  outward,  outer   Exothermic,  exogamy   Hemi-­‐   half   Hemisphere   Hyper-­‐   Above,  over,  excess   Hypertonic   Hypo-­‐   Under,  beneath   Hypoglycemia   Meta-­‐   After,  change,  among   Metabolism,  metam orphosis   Ophistho-­‐   behind   opisthotic   Palin-­‐  ,  pali-­‐   Back  again,  anew,  again   Palindrome   Para-­‐   Beside,  by  the  side  of,  next  to   Paranoia,  paranormal,  paradox   Peri-­‐   around   Periscope,  peristalsis   Pro-­‐   before   Prognosis,  prophase   Pros-­‐   To,  towards,  near   Prosthesis   Syn-­‐   With,  together   Synthesic,  synchronous   VERBAL  SUFFIXES   -­‐tes,  -­‐ter,  -­‐tor,  -­‐ist   Agent,  verb/noun   Diabetes,  antagonist   -­‐sis   Action,  process,  condition  +  verb   Analysis,  prognosis   -­‐osis   Condition  +  noun/adjective   neurosis   -­‐iasis   Condition  +  noun   Psoriasis   -­‐(s)ia   Action,  process,  condition  +   Anesthe(s)ia,  anemia   verb/noun/adjective   -­‐ma     Result  of  action  +  verb   Stigma,  trauma,  system,  chasm   -­‐oma   Swelling  of  tumor  +  noun/   Sarcoma   adjective   -­‐mos   Result  of  action  +  verb   Thermos,  spasm,  rhythm   -­‐ism   Condition  or  result  of  action   Embolism,  hypnotism   -­‐  ion,  -­‐idon,  -­‐iscus   diminutive   Sporidion,  asterisk,  meniscus   -­‐ides,  ida   Descended  from  family  of   Arachnida   -­‐ium   Belonging/related  to   myocardium   ADJECTIVE  SUFFIXES   -­‐t,  -­‐ter,  -­‐tes,  -­‐tor,  -­‐ist, agent       -­‐tic,  -­‐iac   Pertaining  to  OR  of  +  verb   Acoustic,  static,  cardiac   -­‐ion   Belonging  to,  related  to+noun   pericardion   -­‐ite(s)   Belong  to,  nature  of  +  noun   Dendrite   -­‐ine,  -­‐in   Nature  of  +  noun/adjective   Crystalline,  clorine   -­‐itis   Condition,  usually  inflammation   Arthritis,  bronchitis   +  noun   -­‐oid   In  the  shape  of  +  noun   Colloid,  thyroid       -­‐ize   Imitate   metabolize   -­‐m,  -­‐ma,  -­‐mos,  -­‐ism   Result  of  action     NUMBERS   Hea-­‐,  hen-­‐,     1   Hen/dia/dys  =  one/thourhg/two   proto-­‐   first   Prototype   Dyo-­‐     2   dyad   Deuteros-­‐  ,  deutera-­‐,   second   Deuteronomy   deuteron-­‐   Tri-­‐   3   tripod   Tritos-­‐,  trite-­‐,  triton-­‐   third   trigonometry   Tetra-­‐   4   tetrahedron   Pent-­‐   5   pentagon   Hex-­‐   6   Hexagon   Hepta-­‐   7   heptagon   Octo/a-­‐   8   octagon   Ennea-­‐   9   enneagon   deca-­‐   10   Decagon,  triskidekaphobia   Hendeka-­‐   11     Dodeca-­‐   12   dodecahedron   Hecto-­‐   100   hectogram   Kilo-­‐   1000   kilometer   Myri-­‐   10,000   myraid   VOCAB  (-­‐_____-­‐)   Adelph   Brother/sister/twin   phildelphia   Aden   gland   adenoid   Aer   air   aerodynamics   Agog   leading   anagogic   agoni   Struggle,  intense  suffering   Agonist,  agony   agor   assembly   Category,  agoraphobia   aisthes  (esthe)   Feeling,  sensation   Asthetics,  anesthesia   Aither  (ether)   Upper  air   etherification   aiti  (Etio)   cause   etiology   Ak  (acm)   point   Acme,  epacmastic   Akros/a/on  (acro)   topmost   Acropolis   Akou  (Acou)   To  hear   acoustic   Akt,  aktinos  (actin)   ray   Actinogen,  actinic   alex   To  defend   Alexin,  alexipharmac   alges   To  suffer   algesis   Alge/o/ia   pain   neuralgia   Alle/o   other   allergy   Ambly   Blunt,  dull   amblypod   amni   Innermost  membrane   amniocentesis   Amoib  (amebo/i)   change   amoeba   amygdal   almond   amygdaloid   amyl   starch   amylemia   Anem   wind   anemometer   andro   make   andrology   Angeion  (angio)   vessel   angioplastu   Anthein  (anthe)   To  blossom   anthema   anthos   flower   crysanthemum   Anthrax,  anthrak  (anthrac)   coal   Anthracoid,  glossanthrax   anthropo   Human  being   Anthropology   Antron  (antr)   cave   antrum   Arche   beginning   archetype   Archaios/a/on   ancient   archaeology   Argyros  (aygr)   silver   argyric       Arithmos  (arithm)   number   arithmetic   Arteria  (arteri)   windpipe   arteriosclerosis   Arthron  (arthr)   joint   Arthritis     Aster,  astr   star   astronomy   athere   gruel   athersclerosis   auto   self   Autism,  automatic   Bainein  (ba-­‐)   To  walk,  to  go   abasia   Baktron  (bacter)   A  stick,  bacteria   antibacterial   ballein   To  throw   ballistic   Bolos  (bol)   A  throw   parabola   metabole   A  change   metabolism   baros   weight   barometer   barys   heavy   barylalia   bathos   Depth   polybathic   bios   life   biography   blastos   bud   blastoma   Blepin  (blep)   To  see   abelpsia   blepharon   eyelid   macroblepharia   botane   pasture   botany   Bous  (bu/boo)   ox   bulimia   brachys   short   bradychardia   Bromos  (brom)   stench   Bromine,  antibromic   bronchos   windpipe   bronchitis   Bryein  (bryo)   To  swell   embryo   Chaite  (chaet)   hair   spirochaete   Chalkos  (chalco/chalk)   copper   chalcone   Chamai  (chama/e)   On  the  ground   chameleon   charakter   A  graving  tool   characteristic   chasma   opening   chasm   cheilos   lip   cheilitis   Cheir  (chiro/cheir)   hand   Chiropractor,  cheiragra   chele   claw   chelate   chiasma   crossing   chiasm   chlamys   clock   chlamydia   Chloros/a/on   green   chlorine   Chole  (chol)   bile   cholic   chondros   cartilage   Hypo/chondr/ium  =   under/sternal/cartilage   chorde   gut   Chord/itis   choros   dance   Chor/ea   chorion   membrane   endochorion   Chroa,  chromatos   Skin,  colour  of  the  skin   chromosome   chronos   time   chronic   chrysos   gold   chryselephantine   chthon   earth   chthonic   cheein   To  pour     chylos   juice   Chyle   chyma   fluid   Chime   daimon   Divine  power   demon   dakryon   tear   dacryocyst   deein   To  tie   epiphysiodesis   desmos   Result  of  tieing   Desmoid   demos   People  of  a  country   Demography   dendron   tree   dendrite   Derma/dermatos   skin   dermatology   diaita   Way  of  life   diet       didymos   Twin   epididymitis   diktyon   web   hydrodictyon   dipsa   thirst   polydipsia   Diskos  (disc)   disc   discal   dolichos   long   dolicholithiasis   dounai   To  give     Dromos  (drom)   running   syndrome   Dynamis  (dynam)   power   thermodynamics   echo   Ringing  sound   Echo/cardio/graph/y   Echein  (ech)   To  have   asynechia   ischein   Hold  back   ischemia   Eidos  (oid,  eid,  id)   Form,  shape  of   haploid   Eikon  (icon)   image   iconography   elektron   Amber,  electricity   electrum   Elephas,  elephantos   elephant   chryselephantine   Emeein  (eme)   To  vomit   emesis   Enteron  (enter)   within   dysentery   eos   dawn   Eosinophil,  eocene   Ephebos  (epheb)   Youth,  puterby   anaphebic   Ergon  (erg)   work   energy   Erythros/a/on   red   erythrocyte   Ethnos  (ethn)   nation   ethnography   Ethos  (eth)   custom   ethics   Eurys  (eur,  eury)   broad   aneurisn   Gala,  galaktos   milk   galactic   gamos   marriage   exogamy   Gaster,  gastro   belly   gastroenteritis   ge   earth   geography   gen   To  be  born   gene   Geron,  gera,  geri,  gero   Old  Peron   geriatrics   Gigas/gigantos   giant   gigantism   Glaukos/e/on   Gleaming  greenish-­‐blue   glaucoma   glia   glue   neuroglia   Glossa/glotta   tongue   hypoglossal   Glykys,  glykeros  (glyc,  glu)   sweet   hyperglycemia   Glyphein  (graph)   engrave   hieroglyphics   gnonai   To  know   agnosia   gnosis   knowledge   diagnosis   gnomon   interpreter   physiognomy   gone   offspring   gonad   gonia   Corner  of  an  angle   polygon   Gony,  gonatos   knee   gonitis   Graphein  (graph)   To  draw   electrocardiograph   Gramma,  grammatos   Something  drawn   Grammatical,  engram   Gymnos/e/on   naked   gymnast   Gyne,  gynaikos  (gyn)   women   gynecology   Gyros  (gyr)   circle   gyrus   Haima/haimatos   blood   Anemia,  hematology   hairein   To  take   catheresis   Hals/halos   salt   halogen   Haptein  (ap)   To  fasten   Haptics,  chirapsia   hebe   Time  of  youth   Hebetic,  heboid   hedra   Sitting  place   tetrahedron   hedone   pleasure   hedonism   helios   sun   helium   Helix,  helikos   coil   helicopter       helmins   worm   helminthiasis   humera   day   Ephemeral   Henai  (he)   To  let  go   catheter   Hepar,  hepatos   liver   hepatitis   herpein   To  creep   herpes   Heteros/a/on   One  or  the  other   heterogenous   hieron   sacred   hieroglyphics   hippos   horse   hippopotamous   histos   Web,  mast   histology   Hodos  (od)   Way  or  road   Period,  odometer   holos   all   Whole,  holistic   Homalos  (omal)   even   anomaly   Homos/homoios   Like,  equal   homosexual   hormone   To  set  into  motion   neurohormone   Hydor,  hydat  (hydro)   water   hydrogen   Hygieia  (hygi)   health   hygiene   hymen   Thick  skin   hymenoptera   hypnos   sleep   hypnotize   Iaesthai  (ia)   To  heal   iatrogenia   Ichthyo   Fish   ichthyoloist   Idios  (idi)   One’s  own   idopathic   Iris/iridos   Rainbow,  color  membrane  of  eye   Iridescence,  iris   Ischion  (ischi)   hip   Ischium,  galactischia   Is/inos  (in)   fiber   Inoma,  inemia     Isos   equal   Isosceles,  isometric,  isobar   Isthmus  (isthm)   Narrow  passage   Isthmus,  isthmectomy   Kainos  (ceno,  caeno)   new   Cenogenesis,    caenozoic   Kaikon  (cac)   bad   Cacogensis,  cacerdasia   Kalos  (cal,  call)   beautiful   caligraphy   keirein   To  cut   Acarian   akares   Tiny   acarid   kardia   heart   cardiac   Karkinos  (carcino)   carb   carcinoma   karpos   Fruit  OR  wrist   Carpels  OR  carpal   kartharsis   clearning   carthartic   Kau(s)tos  (cau)   burned   caustic   Kele  (cele,  cel)   tumor   Celolgy,  hydrocele   Kenteein  (cente)   To  prick   paracentesis   Kentron  (centr)   Sharp  point   Dorsocentral   Kephale  (cepha)   head   cephalad   Encephalon  (encephalo)   In  head   Diencephalon   Keras  (ceru),  keratos   Horn,  cornea   Rhinoceros,  kertoma   Kineein  (kine,  cine)   To  move   Kinetic,  cinemascopia   Klaein  (cla)   To  break   aclasia   Kleiein  (clei)   To  close   acleistocardia   Kleptein  (clep,  klept)   To  steal   kleptomania   Klinein  (clin,  cli)   To  slope   Clinic   Kochlias  (cochl)   Snail  with  spiral  shell   cochlea   Koilia  (celi)   Belly,  cavity   Celiac   Koilos     hollow   celiotomy   Koinon  (coin,  cene,  coen)   common   Epicene,  biocoenosis   Kokkos  (cocc)   Berry,  berry-­‐shaped  bact.   streptococci   kokkyx   cuckoo   Coccyx,  intercoccygeal   kola   glue   collagen   kolon   colon   Colitis,  colonoscopy   Kolpos  (colp)   Bay,  vagina   colpoccle       Koma,  komatos   Deep  sleep   Coma,  comatose   Kome  (com)   hair   Callicoma,  comosum   konche   mussel   Conch,  conchoscope   Konis,  konios  (coni,  conio)   dust   Coniosis,  conidia   Konos  (con)   cone   coniferous   Kopros  (copr)   dung   Coprolalia   Koptein  (copt)   To  strike   apocoptic   kope   Strike  cutting   Syncope,  apocope   Kore  (cor)   Girl,  doll,  pupil   Coreplasty,  isocoria   kosmos   Order,  decoration   Cosmos,  cosmetics   kranion   skull   Cranium,  intercranial   krasis   mixing   Malcrasis,  crasis   krater   mixer   Crater   Kratos  (crac)   Strength,  power   Democracy,  autocracy   Kreas  (crea),  kreatos  (creat)   meat   Pancreas,  creatine   Krinein  (crin)   To  separate   endocrine   Krisis  (cris)   decision   crisis   Kyros,  kyrmos   Ice-­‐cold,  frost   Crymotherapy,  crymogen   krystallos   Ice,  rocky-­‐crystal   crystallography   kyrptein   To  hide   cryptic   kyrptos   hidden   Cryptogram,  cryptography   Kyanon/e/os  (cyan)   Dark  blue   Cyanide,  cyanemia   Kyelin  (cy)   To  swell   Cyst   Kyma,  kymatos   wave   Kymograph   Kystis,  kystidoes  (cysti)   bladder   cystilis   kytos   container   cytology   Kyklos  (cycl)   ring  
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