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Professor Traill

  LATIN  PREFIXES   Ab-­‐,  a-­‐,  abs-­‐   Away  from   Abnormal   Af-­‐,  Ad-­‐  (often  assimilated)   Toward   Appetite     Ante-­‐   After     Antecedent     Antero-­‐   Front   Anterolateral   Ambi-­‐   Around   Ambient   Bi-­‐  (bis-­‐,  bin-­‐)   Twice   Binocular     Circum-­‐   Around     Circumference     Co-­‐  (col-­‐,  com-­‐,  con-­‐,  cor-­‐)   With   Coeducation     Contra-­‐   Opposite   Contraceptive     De-­‐   Undoing   Dehydrate     Demi-­‐   Half   Demigod     Dis-­‐  (dif-­‐,  di)   Apart  from   Different     Ex-­‐  (e-­‐,  ef-­‐f-­‐)   Out  of   Exit     Extra-­‐   Beyond   Extraordinary   In-­‐  (im-­‐,  ir-­‐)   In   Inflame     Infra-­‐   Below   Infrastructure   Inter-­‐   Between   Interact   Intra   Within   Intravenous   Intro-­‐   Within   Introduction   2 In-­‐  (il-­‐l,  im-­‐m,  ir-­‐r)   Not   Inability   Non-­‐   Not   Nonflammable   Juxta-­‐   Besides   Juxtaposition   Ob-­‐   In  the  way   Object   Per-­‐  (pel-­‐)   Through   Percent   Post-­‐   After   Postmortem   Postero-­‐   More  behind   Posterolateral     Pre-­‐   In  front  of   Prefix       Praeter   More  before   Preternatural   Pro-­‐   In  front  of   Promote   Re-­‐   Again   Repetition   Retro-­‐   (more)  back   Retrograde   Se-­‐   Apart   Segregation   Semi-­‐   Half   Semicircle   Sub-­‐,  suf-­‐   Under   Submarine   Super-­‐   Over   Superscript   Supra-­‐   Above   Suprarenal   Trans-­‐   Across   TransCanada   Ultra-­‐   Beyond   Ultraviolet                                           LATIN  NOUN  SUFFIXES   -­‐or1   Agent,  doer     Motor   -­‐ion   Action  or  condition  from  action    Adhesion   -­‐ure   Action  or  condition  from  action   Departure   -­‐men  (-­‐ment)   Action  or  condition  from  action   Fragment   -­‐ate   Action,  do   Stimulate   -­‐ia   Quality,  condition,  state   Dementia   -­‐ce   Quality,  condition,  state   Patience   -­‐ity   Quality,  condition,  state   Purity   -­‐tude   Quality,  condition,  state   Magnitude   -­‐or-­‐  (-­‐ior)  Quality,  condition,  state   Odor   -­‐id   state  or  condition  of   Fluid   -­‐ium  (-­‐arium,  -­‐orium,  -­‐ary)   Place   Aquarium   -­‐anus   Place   Americanus   -­‐ensis   Place     Canadensis     -­‐cle   Small   Ventricle   -­‐il   Small   Pupil   -­‐ile   Ability,  capacity   Fertile   -­‐ible  (-­‐able)   Ability,  capacity   Audible     -­‐ous,  -­‐eus,  -­‐ius,  -­‐aneus Quality  or  nature  of   Cutaneous   -­‐ine   Quality  or  nature  of   Canine   -­‐ive   Quality  or  nature  of   Locomotive   -­‐ile   Connection  with;  pertaining  to   Senile   -­‐al  (-­‐ial)   Connection  with;  pertaining  to   Cortical   -­‐ar,  -­‐ary   Connection  with;  pertaining  to   Jugular   2   -­‐ous Full  of   Fibrous   -­‐ose   Full  of   Cellulose   -­‐lent   Full  of   Succulent       -­‐sc-­‐   Step  by  step   Pubescence     -­‐en   -­‐ing  or  present  participle   flavescence   -­‐ent  (-­‐ant)   Present  particial  (-­‐ing)   Adolescent     -­‐ad   Toward   Dorsad   -­‐culum   Instrument   curriculum   -­‐is,  -­‐ize,  -­‐ism   To  do     -­‐mos   Result  of  action       LATIN  VOCABULARY   Abdomin   Lower  belly   Abdominal   Ac   Sharp,  bitter   Acrid   Aceta   Vinegar   Acetabulum   Acid   Sour   Acidity   Acu   Needle   Acumen   Adole   Grow  up   Adolescence   Adipo   Fat   Adipose   Alma,  ali-­‐   Nourish   Equilibrium   Agri   Field   Alma  mater   Act,  Age   To  do     Agriculture   Agita   Shake   Action   Alb   White   Albumen   Alg   Cold   Algor   Alt   high   Alititude   Angina   Choke   Angina  pectoris   Angle   Angle   Angle   Anima   Air   Animation   Annual,  enn   Year   Perennial   Annulus   A  ring   Annulus       Anus   Butthole   Anus   Apert   Open   Aperture   Apex   Tip   Apex   Apis   Bee   Apiary   Apt,  Adapt   To  fit   Aptitude,  adaptable   Aqua   Water   Aquarium   Arbor   Tree   Arborous   Arc   Bow   Arc   Area   Space   Area   Arena   Sand   arena   Argent   Silver   Argent   Aur   gold     Arti   Joint   articulation   Atrium   Entrance  hall   atrium   Audit   Hear   auditory   Auri   Ear     Avi   Bird   Aviary   Axis   Axis   Axis   Bact   Rod   Bacteria   Bibe   Drink   Imbibe   Bonu   Good   Bonus   Brev   Short   Brevity   Bili   Bile   Bilirubin   Bucca   Check     Bulla   To  bubble  or  boil   Bulla     Bursa   Bag   Bursary   Cid   Fall   Coincident,  deciduous   Cecum   Blind   Caecum        Cid   Kill   Suicide   Cis   Cut   Incisor   Calor   Heat   Calory   Calc   Limestone   Calculus   Cancer   Crab   Cancer   cand   Shine   Incandescence     Cip,  cept   take   Perception   Capil   Hair   Capillary     Caps   Box   Capsule   Cep,  cip   Head   Bicep,  decapitation   Carbon   Carbon   Bicarbonate   Carn   Flesh   Carnal   Cave   Hollow   Concave   Ced,  cess   To  Go   Antecedent,  process   Cell   Room   Cellular   Cerebra   Brain   Cerebellum     crete   Separate   Discretion   Cervix,  cervico   Neck   Cervical   Cili   Hair   Superciliary     Cingere   To  Surround   Cingulum   Cite   Rouse   Incitation     Clus,  clude,  claus   To  shut   occlusion   Clavi   Key   Clavicle   cult   To  till   Cultivate   Column   Column   Column   Coct   Cook   Concoct   Cop   Bond   Copulation   cord   Heart   Cordial         Corn   Horn     Corona   Dim     Corolla   Crown     Corp   Body   Corpuscle   Costa   Rib   Intercostal   cre   To  Increase   Incremental   Cub   To  Lie  down   incubus   cur,  cours,  curri-­‐   To  run   Concurrent   Cuss   Shake   Concussion   Cutis   Skin   Cutaneous   dent   Tooth   Dental   Dexter   Right   Ambidextrous   Digit   Finger/toe     Dorm   To  sleep   Dormitory     Dors   Back   Dorsal   duct,  duce   Lead   Conductor   Dura   Hard   Dura  mater   Ego   I   Egocentric   Erra   Wander   Aberration   Equ   Equal   Equilibrium   Exter   On  the  outside   Externalize   Fact,  fect,  fic,  -­‐fy   make   Calcification   Face   Face   Facial   Febri   Fever   February   Femin   Woman   Feminine   Fecund   Fertile   Fecundity   Fertile   Fertile   Fertility   Fetus   Offspring   Fetal       Femur   Thigh   Femur   Fer,  lat   Carry   Transfer,  ablation   Ferr   Iron   Ferrous   Ferv   Boil   Fervent     Fibr   Fiber   Fiber   Fila   Thread   Filament   Fix   Fasten   Prefix   Fibula   Broach,  outer  leg   Fibula   Fiss   To  Split   Fission   Flam   Flame   Inflammable   Flate   To  blow   Inflation   Flave   Yellow   flavescence   Flect,  flex     To  bend   Reflection   Flos,  flor   Flower   Efflorescence   Flux,  fluct,  flu   To  flow   Confluence,  fluent,  fluctuation   Foli   Leaf   Defoliate   Fora   To  drill   Perforation   Form   Form   Formation   Fossa   Ditch   Fossil   Frag,  fract   To  break   Fragile,  fracture   Frond,  frons   Leaf   Front   Front   Front   Frontal   Fuge,  fuga   To  flee   Fugitive   Funn,  fuse   To  pour   Fusion,  funnel   Fung   Fungus   Fungicide   Furca   Fork   Bifurcate   Frui,  frux   To  enjoy,  fruit   Fructose   Gemin   Twin     Geminate       Gemm   Bud   Gammate   Genu   Knee     Genuflection   Genus   Origin   Generation   Gest,  ger   To  carry   Congestive   Germen   Sprout   Germinate   Genit   To  beget     Indigenous   Gingiv   gum   Gingivitis   Gland   Gland   Gland   Glob   Ball   Hemoglobin   Glutin   Glue   Agglutinative     Gradi   To  step   Degradation,  transgression   Gran   Grain   Granulation   Grav   Heavy   Aggravate   Gre   Flock   Gregarious   Gul   Throat   Guttural,  gully   Gust   To  taste   Gustatory   Hibit   To  have   Inhibitory   Habit   Condition,  state,  habit   Cohabitation   Hes,    here   To  stick   Incoherent,  cohesion   Hala   To  breathe   Exhalation   Haust   To  draw  out,     Exhaustion   Hia   Open   Hiatus   Homo   Man   Homogeneous   Hort   Garden   Horticulture   Humer   Shoulder   Humerus   Humor   Liquid   Humid   Humus   Earth,  soil   Posthumous   it   To  go   Coitus       Ileo,  ilio   Flank,  distal  part  of  the  small   Ileofemoral   intestine   Ignis   Fire   Ignition   Inguin   Groin   Ilioinguinal   Intestine   Intestine   Intestinal   Ject   To  throw   Ejaculation,  subjectivity   Junct   To  join   Disjunction   Laps   To  slip   Collapse   Labi   Lip   Labial   Lact   Milk   Lactose   Lacer   To  tear  to  pieces   Laceration   Lacrima   Tear   Lacrimose   Lis,  les   To  hurt,  strike,  injure   Collision   Laev   Left   Lavorotatory   Lap   Stone   Dilapidate   Larv   Ghost   Larvae   Lati   Wide   Latitude   Later   Side   Bilateral   Lue,  lut   To  wash     Lens   Lens,
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