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Michael Carter

CLA204: Midterm Notes 1) Pandora  Hesoid, Works and Days (42-104)  first woman  given to the human race by the gods o Hermes gave her the mind of a trickster, Ares gave her the ability to lie o Aphrodite gave her beauty o good on outside, bad on inside  similar to story of Mecone sacrifice  offered to Euripedes by Zeus and he accepts  human race is stuck with women  Pandora’s box: contains all the bad things in the world 2) Metis (94, 100, 116, 151)  first wife of Zeus  wisest among gods and men  Metis was pregnant with Athena when Zeus learned from Uranus and Gaea that his wife’s next child, after Athena, would depose him  swallowed by Zeus when pregnant with Athena  Metis’ cleverness became a part of his own being 3) Nietzsche (298-299, 684)  German classicist/philosopher  Dionysus played a prominent role in his writings  The Birth of Tragedy out of the Spirit of Music  Nietzsche sharply criticized the prevailing view of Greek art and civilization  his analysis of the Greek origin of tragedy led to the view that the creative spirit of the Greeks was Dionysus 4) Golden Age (32, 96, 134, 142)  The Classical Period (golden age) o epicenter is Athens o the most influential thinkers, artists and politicians worked during the classical period  Hesiod, Theogony  Ovid/Hesiod’s Golden Age o men were almost like gods o lived in a state of bliss without having to work o food magically grew from the ground o no aging 5) Erinyes (83, 89, 177, 306, 434, 596)  Hesiod ,Theogony  when Cronus cut off the genitals of Uranus, the blood from the wound gave birth to Erinyes  ferocious female spirits who haunt anyone who sheds kindred blood  furies  follow Orestes after he murdered his mother Clytemnestra 6) Autochthony (415, 706)  Ovid, Ars amatoria  refers to the concept of things being born out of the ground spontaneously  implies connection to goddess Gaia  no genetic determinism  if you are born from the ground you have a strong connection to that place and the other people from that place (leads to certain amount of xenophobia)  Cecrops 7) Ovid  aristocrat whose father wanted him to be a politician  was provided with a superb education and was therefore exposed to a great number of myths which he used to inform the Metamorphoses and his other works  saw something prejudicial against Augustus and was banished to the edge of the Roman empire for it; he died there 8/9 years later  over 250 myths in the Metamorphoses, with most containing a transformation (could be either central to the story or incidental)  offers etiologies to a number of natural and cultural phenomena 8) Orphism (323)  Clement of Alexandria, Protrepticus  Vergil, Georgics 
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