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CLA204 Midterm 1 Notes

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A Keith

CLA204 Short Notes People: • Ovid – 43BCE-17BCE, Roman, Metamorphoses 8BCE • Apollodorus – 1 or 2 C. BCE, Greek nd • Hyginus – 2 C. CE, Roman • Orpheus – mythical • Euripides – 5 C. BCE, Athenian th • Homer – 8 C. BCE, Greek • Hesiod – 700 BCE? , Theogony, The Works and Days, The Shield of Herakles • King Minos – King of Crete • Pandora – “all-gifted”, first woman Divine Beings: • Chaos – “chasm”, “gap”, fathered Erebos and Nyx / Nox (“Night”) • Nyx / Nox – “night”, mother of Moros (“death”), Sleep, Dreams, Momos (“blame”), Oizus (“woe”), Hesperides, Moirai (Fates), Aither (“air”) and Hemera (“day”), Nemesis (“retribution”), Deception, Affection, Old Age, Eris (“Discord”) • Eris – children include Hardship, Forgetfulness, Starvation, Pains, Battles, Quarrels, Murders, Manslaughters, Grievances, Lying Stories, Disputations, Lawlessness, Ruin, False Oath • Gaia / Tellus – Earth, mother of Ouranos, Hills and Pontus (“sea”) • Pontus – “sea”, fathered Nereus, Proteus, Gaucus, Thaumas, Phorkys • Nereids – daughters of Nereus and Doris o Cassiopeia – mother of Andromeda o Amphitrite – Poseidon’s wife o Thetis – Peleus’ wife and Achilles’ mother o Galatea – loved by Polyphemus • Thaumus – his wife was Elektra (“shining”), children include Iris (“rainbow”), Harpies, Aello (“storm wind”), Okypete (“swift-flying”), Celaeno (“murky”) • Phorkys + Keto  6 daughters – 2 Graiai, 3 Gorgons, Echidna and Ladon • Medusa – a Gorgon, bears Pegasus and Chrysaor • Chrysaor + Kallirhoe  Geryoneus • Chimaera + Orthos  Sphinx and Nemean Lion • Echidna + Typhon  Orthos, Cerberus and Hydra • Ouranos / Uranus – sky, son and husband of Gaia, fathered Titans, Cyclopes, Hundred-Handers • Titans o Oceanus – fresh water, fathered oceanids and potamoi o Tethys – wife of Oceanus o Hyperion – fathered Helios (sun), Selene (moon), Eos (dawn) o Theia –wife of Hyperion o Koios – fathered Leto and Asteria o Phoebe – wife of Koios o Kronos / Saturn – youngest, king of titans, fathered the Olympians o Rhea – wife of Kronos o Mnemosyne – “memory”, mother of the Muses o Themis o Krios –fathered Astraeus, Pallas and Perses o Iapetus – fathered Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus and Menoetius • Kronos / Saturn – son of Ouranos and Gaia • Zeus / Jupiter, Jove – King of the Olympians, son of Kronos and Rhea • Athena – goddess of wisdom and heroes, patron of Athens, daughter of Zeus • The Muses – goddesses of arts, daughters of Zeus and
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