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Greek Heroes Term test 3

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Lee Sawchuk

Greek Heroes1 HeraclesHeracles is a contradictory characterdual naturesHeracles Glory of Hera Birth of Heracles AlcmenaZeusAmphitryonTwo fathers two children Hesiod But the father of men and gods was forming another scheme in his heart to beget one to defend against destruction gods and men who eat breadshield of HeraclesKnown as the prophesy of zues but trick of hera Ovid Met 9Youth of Youth of Heracles Heras snakesidentifies the children Proper aristocratic upbrindingMurder of LinusThespius and the lionMarriage and Madness Helps thebesErginus of the MinyansMarries Megara has 3 children with herDriven mad by Hera and kills his family in an uncontrollable rageAtonement at Delphi His labours for EurysteheusLabours of Heracles 12 canonical labours sometimes only 10 is shown as with appollodorusTemple of Zeus at OlympiaLabours athlaContestsDeedspraxeisthings doneSidedeedsparergaside deedsLabors are as follows 1 The Nemean Lion 2 The Lernaean Hydra 3 The Ceryneian Deer 4 The Erymanthian BoarThe Centaur Pholos 5 The Augean Stables 6 The Stymphalian Birds 7 The Cretan Bull 8 The Mares of Diomedes 9 The Girdle of Hippolyta 10 The Cattle of Geryon 11 The Apples of the Hesperides 12 CerberusPostLabour Deeds Kills Cyncos Ares sonHeracles ends up killing him ares arrives to go kill Heracles according to myth zeus or Athena intervens and stops ares from killing heracles appolodorousContest for Iolethis is a women where every man wants her Her father says only man to have her hand is marriage is a person that defeats him in a archery contest He succeeds but is refused to marriage bc he believes anyone who defeats will over throw him Iphitus nd 2 purification of DelphiSlave to OmphaleSack of Troygoes and succeeds the sea serpent When lamadon and agrees to give him a reward at first to kill the serpent and when he succeeds he is denied the reward He gets mad goes on continues his missions but comes back and sacks the city of troy with an army and kills the king lamadon PodarcesPriamRevenge on Augeasthis guy is the one who ran the stables and refused to pay him for the work so he raises a army and goes and kills him The death of Heracles Marriage to Deianira Ovid Met 9 sophocles trachiniaeEurytus punished for IoleLichasNessus love potionPhiloctetes this is the sheppard that lit the big thing on fire for Heracles while he dies and in return is given a gift of a bow and arrowApotheosisDevine marriage to Hebe when he died in ashes all that remained for his armor so there was nothing left of himhis sould and devine stuff went to join gods where his body goes to hades So divine to Olympus mortal to hades When up there he marries zeus and heras child Hebe since this is a devine marriage he doesnt encounter any problem with her and she is thus not a strain on his life Heracles Nature vs CultureWild vs CivilizedHeracles in an untamed world beast monsters and dangerous peoplewit and clevernessbow and arrow o tension bw wild and civilized part of the worldcharcterize everythign that happens to him through thiso all of what he has to do has to do with doing something in the wild scary place to do things all beast monsters in the world he has to go off and concuroo mosters he kills gets rid of geryon pretty mmuch shows hes more strong than them o gets invovled with bad mortals like diemides who feeds ppl to horses and amazon woman who are scary woman who fight and dont like menoso goes out and take care of all the dangerous ppl in the world o the things he does in his labor can be seen as going out and taming the word getting rid of all the bad things and making the world goood o other things he does is when he helps citites helps save city o thats him workingn on the side of things that will attack the civilized worldoo his use of wit and cleverness like apples and atlas and the story about how he tricks him when he knows hes tricking her oo promethus and during his labor frees him adn promethus is a big force for mortals represent civilized power to the mortals oo bow and arrow is typcially a sign of civilized culture associated with apollo dealing with more defined or more advanced culture oUntamed Heracles in the worldadventures of youthlabours as atonementsocial customsappearance o same time untamed in civilied society o like youth learning to be a proper civilized person in city like when he goes and kills his teacheter out of anger o so he is something special when he is not in the cityo all his labors are all done reason he goes on them is because of excessive anger kiling his wife chidrenoo so to balance out his wild side gettin out of controlo
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