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REVIEW  Know main terms o Eg. Pietas, zenia, aetion, epinim, etimology, catasterism (creation of a star), imperion, numen, numina, etc.  Pietas = the devotion that u owe to the father of ur family. Duty and responsibility to obey him. All of rome is a family, there is a duty to serve for the betterment of rome.  NUMINA - The spirit or divine power presiding over a thing or place.  Sacrificium - is a legal transfer, give something to the newman and he is obliged to give you something in return.  Roman myth is what you want to be. Characters are held up as models, what they have to offer, to inspire everyday roman. To serve the state. Roman myth is about pietas – duty you have to the father of the family. Rome is one big family – duty you owe rome itself  numen – the power of economic strength of Rome. Symbol for wealth and might.   Logos as the structure or purpose in the world; in essence, fate.  We get the new order of Rome. It's fated and Roman imperial rule is divine will.  EVERYTHING ABIDES BY FATE  o  Have basic understand of the theories o Moral allegory, physical allegory o Euhemerus, palaphatus o Etc  Understand storylines and have examples o Understand folktale motifs, for example  Romulus and remus: Rhea silvia gives birth to twins by mars. Float them on a river hoping to death folktale motif (Bible). Expose the child but the child survives the river.  Ficus ruminalis – the fig tree by romular. Tree where they were exposed. For livy we get an aetion – a numan, a natural power that the romans worshipped. o The boys didn’t die, saved by a shewolf. Common motif; being raised by a special animal.  Episode in the illiad: Aeneas is saved so he can go on to rule (Romans believe this and that he's their ancestor - Greeks do this a lot)  Aeneas goes to Carthage where Dio is building her city and Dio falls hopelessly in love. o But Aeneas leaves her behind because he has a duty to found Rome. o AETION - why Rome and Carthage are always at - because Aeneas rejects Dio  Roman and Greek gods - names and spheres of influence (remember that Roman Gods have slightly different spheres of influence)  Know about the 10 most common folktale motifs (three pages of a table on a PDF)  Hero's journey - Joseph Campbell model  Girl's tragedy  THESEUS AND HERCULES  ESSAYS! o WOMEN A
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