Lecture 3

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Regina Hoeschele

Lecture 3Need to know godsZeus and Poseidon and HadesbrothersHeroic age was different because the other ones are associated with metalssemi divine beings better than us heroesgeneration of Trojan war and various other thingsThere are sagasnot one individual eventHeroic sagas Individual heroes and their exploitsperseus sonf o zeus and danae slays medusa frees Andromedaherakes son of zeus and Alkmene 12 labors etctheseusson of aigeusPoseidon and aithra slays various villains and the minotaurCycles centered around specific cities families or exploits Theban cycle incl Oedipus Seven Against Thebes EpigoniOedipus complexattraction to the motherfigures out he married his own mother his sons get the city and one person attacks the cityepigoni capture the city Argonauts quest fr the golden fleece Jason and Medeaskin of golden ram ended up way out east and Jason is supposed to get back he goes there and with the help of medea the princess he gets the fleece and they escape they have children and Jason marries another princess and medea gets mad and kills her children Trojan War Nostoi Return of the Greek heroes from Troy eg Odysseusnostoshomecomingafter Trojan war is over heroes have to go back to Greeceeveryone dies Priamking of troyhe has many children 50 sons and daughtersone of his most famous prominent sons is Hectorthe hero of troyTroylocated in asia minorTrojan warhelen kidnapped by paris this starts the Trojan warhomer does not tell the whole story in his illiadpraised in antiquity for only focusing around the end of the Trojan warfocused on the quarrel between Achilles and Agamemnon
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