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University of Toronto St. George
Ephraim Lytle

CLA230 Midterm 2 NotesCleistenes Chief archon 5254Helped overthrow Hippias 510Exiled by the faction of IsagorasCleistenes ReformsoFour traditional tribes dissolvedoPrimary political unit is the deme a local administrative unitoDemes are categorized as part of one of thirty trittyesSingulartrittysComposed of 10 costal 10 inland 10 urban demeso10 new tribes consisting of 3 trittyes one of each typeoCouncil expanded to 500 50 from each tribe by sortitionoJuries expanded chosen by sortition by lot from tribeso10 annually elected generals chosen from each tribeoPossible introduction of ostracismRise of PersiaKing Croesus of LydiaoFirst foreigner to have direct contact with Greeks both in way of conquest and allianceForcing tribute on Ionains Aeolians and Asiatic DoriansForming pact of friendship with SpartansoBefore Croesus time all Greeks had been free HerodotusAchmaemenid KingsCyrus the Great Cambyses Smerdis Darius IPersians were ridiculously rich Total tribute14560 talents silver377 millionIonain RevoltSack of Sardis 498 BCoThey revolt from the Persians with Athenian helpoIonian burn Sardis capital of Persian satrapyBattle of Lade 494 BCo353 Ionian triremes vs 600 Persian shipsoIonians loseSack of Miletus 494 BCoPersians take MiletusoWomen and children enslaved Sanctuary at Didyma burnedThen Persians took the rest of IoniaoCities and temples burned Ionians enslaved for third timeHerodotusBattle of MarathonBefore this Persia sent naval invasion disaster storm sinks 300 shipsAthens wins miraculously and overwhelmingly drives Persians back
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