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Ephraim Lytle

CLA230 Midterm 1 NotesHerodotusConsidered the father of historyOne of the first Greek historians Not only talked about the Greeks but also talked about the great deeds of the barbarians etcHe did this so that great deeds done by anyone wouldnt get lost in timeHistorie means inquiry History is rooted in this work and came because of himHe collected the stories of people related to the wars Greco Persian war and then compiled those stories into his accountsThucydidesCame after Herodotus greek vs Persian warHe wrote about the Peloponnesian war Athens and allies vs Sparta and alliesHates Herodotus thinks he is a liarThought his work was more scientific than Herodotus He tried to figure out the specific causes of the war as opposed to Herodotus Rainfall in Greece fluctuated a lot in the past Which caused unstable farming which meant people had to produce a variety of crops or elseOnly few places had arable land a lot of the rest of Greece was mountainsMediterranean Triad Grapeswine grainswheat etc olives They were able to flourish due to these crops which they even exported later on to other countriesGrape vines were bundled up into basketballs which stopped the wind from wreaking it and therefore it could grow in places where other crops couldntFrancthi CaveEarly prehistoryThere were people there from 20000 BC to 3000 BCFrom the food evidence in the cave we can see the move from hunter gather society to agrarian societyThere is evidence of trade like obsidian from milosThe House of Tiles in LernaEarly Bronze Age siteThe place in Lerna has fortifications around the HouseThe fortifications signified that either the House of Tiles was important enough to have fortification or the times were bad enough to require themIt was large compared to other houses at the time
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