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Ephraim Lytle

CLA230 Week 1 Notes Prehistory is up to the end of the Bronze Age in 1200 BC History is from the start of the Iron Age in 1200 BC HerodotusThis is the display of the inquiry historie of Herodotusincluding among others what was the cause artia of their raging war Greece rainfall varied very greatly year from year and often most of the rain came in winter usually interannual variationIncreased risk Another environmental constraintfactor is Greeces topography a lot of mountain Most of the arable plains are near the coastMost of Greek landscape is you couldnt grow anything only could only raise sheep etc on them Mediterranean TriadDiet of Greek carbs grains and wheat and barley olives wine Olive tree and grape vines have deep roots and do well in hot temperatures Taps into the water from winter deep in ground Was very difficult to cultivate the wheat May succeed one year and fail the other Greek farmers would have to plant many different thingsCLA230 Week 2 NotesEarly prehistory Franchthi caveoFood sourcesPalaeolithicdeer snail small fishMesolithicabovelarge fish wild nutsHad obsidian sharp rock from nearby islandNeolithicabovedomestic animals and domestic grainsLernao House of the Tiles it is a Corridor HouseTheory that it was a house of a local elite or chiefbig manCould have been an administrative buildingOr maybe a public communal buildingoThere were sealings clay seals from LernaVery little knowledge of about the middle bronze ageCretan Minoan palatial sitesoThey developed art a lotoLots of pretty paintings and sculptures etcoThey liked bull hoppingoKamares warefamous Minoan potteryIn slides dont worry too much about other protopalatial palacesHeinrich Schliemann found grave circles in Mycenae from early Bronze AgeMorris and PowelloMycenaean kings were godlike p62oMycenaean kingdoms controlled a powerful redistributive command economy p6455oLike near eastern kingdoms and Minoan CreteLinear BoA script used to write Mycenaean GreekoThree types of signs89 syllabograms 100 logograms and numeralsoVery few people were literate in itoUsed purely administrativeeconomic textsoNo legal literately or religious texts no letters No private textsoFor taxation landholding palace inventories payment of rations etc CLA230 Week 3 Notes timehonourgerasprizexeniaguestfriendshipPeoples social status and time and the amount of geras they get are all interconnected Their social status was only given to them because of the honour they got from battle there were no social structure which gave them power The power was gained through fearThe polis plural poleisDefined by its people A citizen statecommunity of citizens
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