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University of Toronto St. George
Erik Gunderson

CLA 233 Study Notes ORIGINS -- LIVY Book 1 Livy- About Livy had a boner for teaching. His stories were primarily moral inuences and examples; how a Roman should and should not think of himself, his country, and behavior. Origins - Livy has two stories for the origins of Rome: - Trojan exiles; Aeneas leads a group of noble, highborn Trojans across the world to found a new city, founds the rst of a series of cities which will eventually be Rome - Slaves and criminals; Romulus, the only descendant of Aeneas to actually be in Rome, determines the whole population will be comprised of runaway slaves. He creates the asylum in his new city to populate it. Bros Fighting Bros - Romulus and Remus were rescued by a she-wolf or a woman named Laurentia (slang for prostitute) - Were the two boys raised by a wolf or a whore? - Romulus and Remus mother, Rhea Silvia, claimed to be raped by a god. - But the possibility exists she was lying. - Romulus and Remus both have valid auguries, so they ght. Livy words it: ghting ensued and Remus died, not Romulus killed Remus. The whole story is an example of Livys euphemising. Romulus: - Romulus gave the Romans a body of laws, set up the senate, etc, then died. - A sunstorm occurred and Romulus was taken away by a pillar of light - The senators tore him to pieces Sabines - Romans were scumbags, no breeding between tribes occurred. The Romans stole the Sabine women, saying to them that they were overcome by their beauty (Livy euphemizes rape). The familie are assimilated; the idea of assimilation between the Sabines and Romans through mutual agreement and genetic interchange, would be very interesting to imperial Romans (who say their empire this way). Kings - Numa: He becomes king after Romulus dies and there is an interregnum of one year. He is a sabine, which is a compromise between the newly united Romans and Sabines. Numa is the peace and religion king. Numa builds the temple to peace (Janus) to complement Romulus temple to war, diverting the energy from ghting to civilization. - Founded multiple priesthoods and religious rites; instructed people as to how to carry out funerals and how to explain oracles.
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