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Ben Akrigg

CLA260 Preparation Key Ideas Chapters 15 First step in research is to know what we dont know understand Defining a problem is the first step to a solution Once problem has been identified next step is to find relevant sources Establishing bibliography is important for two reasons question could have already been answered even if it hasnt been answered some sources could shed light upon it Assemble evidence based on what your question is on not just books Next step is to be selective on what to read careful and what to skip Simple way of doing this is to read indices chapter headings abstract of articles Cannot put too much faith in what our teachers tell us their have biases as well Even in books one needs to be careful books written by people always have errors Mistakes are not the only problem uncertainty misunderstandingmeaningless WHAT IS AUTHOR SAYING HOW DOES HE SHE KNOW Footnotes are huge area of error and need to be followed and checked Keep searching until you find the primary source it had referred to Question authority and make independent judgments critical approach Careful not to be too suspicious and
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