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Question 1. [4 marks] E3 part 3 asked you to write a Python tool SummarizeLog.py, which was called as follows: python SummarizeLog.py [-d startDate endDate] The square brackets indicated that these three arguments were optional. Part (a) [2 marks] What improvement could be made to this interface to make it more conventional or standard? Make the options 2 flags: -s startDate -e endDate and allow them to come in either order Part (b) [2 marks] How would that have benefitted the programmers who wrote SummarizeLog.py? They could have use standard command line parsing modules, and in particular getopt. Question 2. [4 marks] Part (a) [2 marks] What effect does setting a breakpoint have? Sets a point where the code will stop executing Part (b) [2 marks] When do the “Step into” and “Step over” buttons cause the same behaviour? When the current line of code has no method call. Student #: Page 1 of 4 cont’d... Question 3. [10 marks] The following code produces this output: [’hey’, ’dude’, ’lol’, "It’s", ’my’, ’bad’] # Module coolTester.py | # Module myErrors.py from cool import CoolTalker | # An exception indicating that there from myErrors import NoTranslationError | # is no translation for a word. | class NoTranslationError(ValueError): translator = CoolTalker() | def __init__(self): translator.addWord("hey", "hello") | ValueError.__init__(self) translator.addWord("dude", "friend") translator.addWord("bad", "fault") translator.addWord("lol", "ha") sentence = ["hello", "friend", "ha", "It’s", "my", "fault"] newSentence=[] for word in sentence: try: newWord = translator.toCool(word) except NoTranslationError: newWord = word newSentence.append(newWord) print newSentence Write module cool.py. from myErrors import NoTranslationError class CoolTalker: def __init__(self): self.NormalToCool={} def addWord(self,cool,normal): self.NormalToCool[normal] = cool def toCool(self,normal): if normal in self.NormalToCool.keys(): return self.NormalToCool[normal] else: raise NoTranslationError Student #: Page 2 of 4 cont’d... Question 4. [7 marks] Consider the following Makefile. #============================================================================ # Makefile : for question 4 of stg midterm COMPILE_JAVA = javac -classpath ${CSC207PATH} -source 1.4 RUN_JAVA = java -classpath ${CSC207PATH} -enableassertions test: MyTests.class ${RUN_JAVA} MyTests < testFile.01.txt MyTests.class: MyAssignment.class MyException.class MyAssignment.class: MyException.class hat: MyAssignment.class ${RUN_JAVA} MyAssignment -c 12 hat < ${TEST_INPUT} house: MyAssignment.class ${RUN_JAVA} MyAssignment -c 10 house < ${TEST_INPUT} > result both: hat house clean : @rm -f *~ *.class %.class : %.java @${COMPILE_JAVA} $< Part (a) [1
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