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Computer Science
Karen Reid

oparentIfp0 closefd1 readfd0Linux permissions owneru user g group o all othernot u nor g oparentdup2fd1 filenostdout o rwxrxrx 1 root rootuser group ex chmod arxSignals and default actionsBash redirects ls out stdout ls 2out stderr ls out bothSIGKILL Terminates a process immediately This signal cannot be handledShell commands cat chmod grep wc uniq caught ignored or blocked The kill 9 command in linux generates the o echo s or ssubs vars sno sub vars same signal o grep STRINGsave command output YfooSIGTERM Terminates a process immediately However this signal can be o standard variables return code handled ignored or caught in code Also this is used for graceful termination o piping ls lwc background job commandof a process Sent by default by kill command o kill SIGSTOP SIGCONT SIGTERM SIGKILL pidSIGINT Interrupts a process The default action is to terminate gracefully o example for month display Wed Feb 20 163600 EST 2013 This too like SIGTERM can be handled ignored or caught The difference o set dateecho The current month is 2 between SIGINT and SIGTERM is that the former can be sent from a terminal as input characters This is the signal generated when a user presses CtrlC Pointers void funcint a sizeofa invalid size of array from pointerSIGQUIT Terminates a process This is different from both SIGKILL andStrings SIGTERM in the sense that it generates a core dump of the process and also o Char aaaa a0z faultcant changefree readonly mem cleans up resources held up by a process Like SIGINT this can also be sent o Char a10 strncpyalong10 valid size but need to add 0 from the terminal as input characters It can be handled ignored or caught in o Char a10
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