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Computer Science
Eyal De Lara

CSC309 Midterm Summary NotesInternetKey PropertiesBuilt on open standard anyone can create a new internet deviceDecentralized mostlyShared mediumUnified single virtual networkSubnetworks can stand on their ownComputers can join and leave dynamicallyEveryone can use it with simple commonly available software ArchitectureThe internet uses a layered hardwaresoftware architecture OSI modelInternet Protocol IPSimple protocol for attempting to send data between two computersEach device has 32bit IP address using four numbers from 0255Lefttoright NetworkSubnetworkSubsubnetworkAddressDomain Name System DNSA set of servers that map written names to IP addressesMany systems maintain a local cache called a hosts fileTransmission Control Protocol TCPAdds multiplexing guaranteed message delivery on top of IPMultiplexing multiple programs using the same IP addressport a number give to each program or serviceport 80web browser port 25email port 22sshSome programs games streaming media programs use simpler UDP protocolWorld Wide Web WWWInventorTim BurnersLeeWhereCERN europeWhyShare research data sets and documents Linking hyperlinksWhatThe web www Building BlocksSoftwareWeb browsersStandardsTCP HTTP HTMLContent GenerationChange html data w Javascript php etcEg querying something on google or amazon generates the pageWeb ServerSoftware that listens for web page requestsMost popular is Apache then MicrosoftHypertext Transport Protocol HTTPThe set of commands understood by a web server and sent from a browserRuns on top of TCPIPTwo phase protocolRequest followed by responseUniform Resource Locator URLAn identifier for the location of a document on a web siteschemeschemespecific addressschemehttp file ftpContent EncodingHypertext Markup Language HTML used for writing web pagesCascading Style Sheets CSS stylistic info for web pagesMIME Internet media typesContent GenerationClient Sideinteractive and programmable web pages JavaScript FlashServer SideDynamically create pages on web server PHP Ruby JSP ASP
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