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Exocyst components (sec5, 6, 10, 15) act together to tether re with pm to coordinate plasma targeting of. Specifically, arm binds sec10 and rab11 binds sec15. Without sec, de-cad and arm accumulates in enlarged intracellular re. Isolated fly notum epithelial cells are incubated with dcad2 antibody at 25 degrees celsius for 30 minutes to allow for endocytosis. The dcad2 antibody only targets extracellular domain of de-cad and only those de-cad below sj since it cannot pass through the sj barrier to target apical de-cad. Since dcad2 antibody is found above sj, this suggests basal de-cad is transcytosed to the apical side. Sara is a fyve domain containing anchoring domain. Assay 1: yeast-2-hybrid using rhodopsin c" bait and bovine cdna found human sara interacted with bait. Assay 2: gst pull down using gst labelled 39 c" amino acids of rhodopsin and histadine labelled sara. Assay 3: anti-rhodopsin antibody co-immunoprecipitated with endogenous mouse sara.

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