CSC318H1 Final: 2 Interaction Design Process

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12 Jan 2016

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Ch 9 the process of interaction design. What is involved in interaction design: interaction design, is a process. A goal- directed problem solving activity informed by intended use, target domain, materials, cost, feasibility. A decision- making activity to balance trade- offs: four approaches: Can communication product (market), but no hype: ownership make the users active stakeholders. Users who are involve feel they"ve contributed to product"s development ! feel sense of ownership, support use of it. Advantage: constant (consistent) input, more familiar w/ product and design rationales. Disadvantage: long development = lose touch w/ other users. Advantage: patchy (consistent) input, in touch w/ other users. Disadvantage: stressful b/c 2 jobs. Part time (different user each time) Advantage: not too much stress on 1 particular user. Disadvantage: input may inconsistent (need coordination: having users regularly informed. Use newsletter or other channels of communication. Can reach wider selection of users. Need communication channel back to development team.

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