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Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
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Alan Ackerman

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DRM100Introduction Mon 12th Sept 2011Theater happens in a material present materializes infrom the mind o Theater def the school of the moral world epistemology of selfknowledgeTo be or not to beinternalexternal ideas DRAMA 1 is based on Conflict 2 is the literary form of Theater 3 inflames our passions4 in GRK teaches people 5 in ATHS civil obligation SIMPLE QUESTIONSQuestion my assumptionsUnderstand my questions and what they are 1 What is an action To act 2 How do I trust my senses Do I trust my senses 3 What is the ghost in Hamlet 4 What does it mean to see or think 5 Where does consciousness happen 6 Who am I 7 Whats wrong with the theater Lyrical vs theatrical 8 Does using particular words matter Have an effect ARISTOTLETheorytheaterPlotCharacter o Plot imitation of an actionPoetics by ADrama is imitating an action o Mimesis imitation is innate we learn from it has educational valueRhetoricEthicsAction is the Object Language is the MediumCreating a structure that makes sense Mastering our passionsinflame our passionsActors have been called lions selling pleasure to othersAUDIENCE defines THEATERMeritsdemerits of getting people together DRM100Selections from AristotleOedipus Rex Wed 14th Sept 2011DRAMAasks theater basic questionsis in Real Timeis doingPOINT to intensify our condition Nietzschechoice determines actionthe audience is united through tragedy THEATERentertains is a release from lifeto instructentertainWHO IS ARISTOTLELecturerStudent of PlatoInterests main PoetryRhetoricsARISTOTLEDoesnt separate thinking from feelingAction is the object of imitationWhat is that pleasure of entertainment o Catharsis o Cathartic experiences at the theaterTreats drama like a zoologist classifies plays drama has to have a certain magnitude o EG too smallless beautifulPoetics is a model of selective thinking The highest and most satisfying form of all human existence is that of man whorational faculties How is art a kind of thinkingEnjoyed stories that start at the END eg Oedipus selection of detail causeeffect complete w beginning middleend few characters that developedCore of thinking What is completeGood reasoningbackdropForms are intrinsic Universalizing impulse good painter should present ppl as better than who they are what they are nowwhat they can become Art completes the deficiencies of natureHistory as they were vs Poetry as they might beLEARNING IS THE FUNCTION OF TRAGEDYWhat is the truth To see vs to know the truth beyond the material worldMakingThinking
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