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University of Toronto St. George
Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

DRM100Behn The RoverMarriage of Figaro Wed 30th Nov 2011Restoration heroo Figure of the Machiavel o Wicked evil characters eg Iago o Aware of a standard of morality which he rejects and his judgedpunished forSociety of Restoration o Not governed by divine moral sanctions very like an animal worldCharles ITension with French ideal of reasonThe Rover o Animal Imagery Act III s ivWhat a Dog I am o Language of animals applied to charactersBehn o First female playwright in the course few came before her in history o First English woman to earn a living by writing o In comparison to Virginia Woolf Praised for paving the way for women in the marketplace o Forced to write by financial necessity by death of her husband o Either this or the course of the courtesan Angelica Act II siNothing but gold shall charm my heartHer undoing is to give herself to Willmore for nothing but loveMercenary marriages1677 o Great British Satire o Similarities to other Restoration playsSocialmoral valuesnot conventionally linkedMorality being nothing more than to act like a gentleman o Set in the period of exile between Charles ICharles II o Like Twelfth NightCharacters are liscenced to express themselvesThe regular ruler isnt doing their job Olivia in TNRover o Set in Naples set of British drama Period of pleasure witCarnivalcontext o In exile o Full of contradictions o Willmore The RoverDangerous to womenAppears to be too silly to be a hero o Critical of anarchic energies part of the lives of the sexual predators o Not one single hero of a placeEnsemble piecePolitical significanceNot centering on a character who is above everyone elseEveryone is on the same levelWhat do we make of the idea of the hero Who do we consider the hero o Looks back to a time of anarchy no strong ruler o Set in time of Restoration with a new rulerLinked to Charles IIs reinstatement o Carnivaloffered nonofficial an out of the church out of the world experiencetheatrical experienceLife was subject to laws of the carnival laws of their own freedomUniversal spiritEvoked the idea of renewel revival rebirthThemesMadness made man look at the world with different eyes eg theatre associated with love theatreUse of the Mask connected with the joy of change reincarnationRejected kinds of deformityViolation of natural boundaries mockery of thingsPlayful element o Signs of Carnival in The RoverConflict through carnival creates brotherly desiresFraternityPaternity o Sex ComedyWeak form of traditional authorityDesires Faustus knowledgesexual fulfillment o 3 Irreconcilable times for fraternal desire o Attraction bw the monarch and the body of politic o Mother never mentioned in the play o Pedro attempts to represent his father something to do w sister matrimonial affairs etcSisters act for themselves in seeking husbandsBrother grudgingly gives blessing as a fatherHis concern for his sisters a tokenHis real interest selfinterest o Dominant malesWillmoreBelvileBoth signs of the fatherLoosely associated ban of brothers advance themselves with a set of sisters o Women able to meet the young men on equal termsFinancially independent o Men are kept poor by parliaments and protectors lots of their land has been taken from civil war o Emphasis on the quality of men and women in the play o Plays Climax when Helena is still dressed in breachesEg Cesario still in mens clothing TNaspects of identity characterSuggests different kind of relation bw her and her betrothed o HelenaFirst comment to Willmore she was going to pick his pocket a threat o Seeming quality of brotherssistersDominance is gender masculineDisplays of freedomexpanded choices acted by characters to serve their own ends selfishAct I s i all intend to disobey their absent father all have parallel agendasFlorindaremarkably passiverefuses to marry the old rich man her father has chosen for her VincentioRefuses to follow orders bc she believes her father is unjustWants to believe true lovepractical considerationsUrges Helena not to be so wildWillmores in love vs FlorindasRelatively conservativeHelenaRefuses to enter a nunery like her father requestsJustifies herself with a blazen description of herself appropriates the male gaze to objectify her own beauty and qualitiesNot particularity chaste although maintains virginity until marriagePedroPlots to subvert his fathers plans for FlorindaInsists on an immediate marriage to his friend Antonio supposed friendAntonioPedros rival to Angelica the courtesanImages of problems of powerAngelica Writing in the marketplace vs selling in the marketplaceSets up standard trobes the vorgin vs the whoreVehicle for meanings suggesting difficult position for female characters in the periodIntensecomplicated sexual activityCourtesan figure in earlier comedies going back even to ancient timesCompetition bw Helena and Angelica exposes contemporary attitudes to female sexualityThey are both similarLack of value on female chastityResemblance bw Angelica and HelenaAngelicas libertinism lack of closure in the plays treatment of herA comic character rejected by Willmore wants to shoot him but walks offChallenges idea of the whore o Willmore the idea of will free will etc o PlotBased around the idea of the characters choiceBelvile is committed to FlorindaWillmore the virgin or the whoreWhy does it matter SignificanceBuilt around the treatment of the choiceDistinction bw virgin and whore common place in Elizabethan plays
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