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GLG105H1 Exam Review 10-12-07 10:47 PM 1. ancient times Aristotle May have been the most influential later o Earth time immense compared to our life o Water flows back and forth within the earth (breathing analogy) o Fire-air-water-earth above one another (shells) 2. renaissance da Vinci hand written observations and insights sediments accumulate in ocean fossils come from living organisms Agricola De Re Metallica (on the nature of metals) o Mainly about mining in Saxony o Includes mineral classification o Uses the term fossils first (referred to anything dug up) Steno Podromus o Outlines dissertation on a solid contained within a solid o Argues that sedimentary strata deposited in water o Formulates stratigraphy principles: Superposition Originally horizontally Continuity o Explains rock sequence in Tuscany o Recognizes gluzsogetrae as shark teeth Process-oriented thinking Descartes
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