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University of Toronto St. George
Earth Sciences
Charly Bank

Intro GLG110 3172012 95900 PM thPoster March 5 class time outside and your present poster 56 topics then you will be presenting the poster to the class and prof etc know your topic wellThere will be a tutorial THIRD WEEK before and after classPoster 3X5 poweroipnt of other software on a resource a disaster an areaBlue and purple on map are sedimentary rocks Lake Superior has red rockssurrounded by granite rocks Lake ON is more purpleblue limestone rocksWhat does the vinegar in the experiment indicate acid rainBased on the results one is more acidic and the other one less acidic Which is which Granite is more acidic Superior granite more acidic reacts more to acidic rainLimestone Lake ON able to compensate acid rain Lake ON sufferWhat is what made from Glass sand quartz Plastic oil aluminum beaucile salt you eat it and salt roads then washed down the drain to the lakes Lecture 2 Plate Tectonics 3172012 95900 PM Plate Tectonics Experiment Density and Isostasy Ice cube placed in beaker of water When melted will the volume change No Vile of water with various liquids poured in consecutively Liquids order themselves by density no matter the order poured in Isostacymaterial will sink into a liquid No matter how ice melts the same fraction will sit abovebelow the water Planet Earth Continents on average are 300m high Have mountain belts and shelf marks boundaries Oceans on average are 4m deep mid ocean ridges are very deep 10km volcanic island chainplateaus Plate Boundaries Earths surface is broken into plates Location of volcanoesmost line up like pearls on a string Locations of earthquakesline up even better Divergent plate boundarieswhen two plates diverge As plates separate earth rises and attaches to plates Plate also called lithosphereBelow the plate is the asthenosphere When plates separate water fills gap to create ocean When lithosphere things and the asthenosphere first breaks surface it emerges as a volcanoConvergent Plate boundaries If two oceanic lithospheres meet one will dip below the othersubduction Typically a row of volcanoes sit on overriding platecause earthquakes Deep sea trench at subduction zone If a continent and ocean meet the ocean will dip below If a continent meets a continent they collide and form mountain Convergent boundaries form curved boundaryplace where we have major volcanoes If you look at maps of earthquakes in general the earthquakes go deeper and deeper farther into the continent away from the subduction zone Oceanic plateaus and accreted terranesrocks that separate from content during subduction Wilson cycle500 million years is how long it takes an ocean to grow wider and then closeagain Transform Plate Boundaries Where two plates pass each other one moves on way and the other moves the different way Divergent plat boundaries are parallelPlate Tectonics Transform boundaries are adjacent Balanced plate growth means boundary doesnt shift Map of Plates Some are very large while other are small Plates move about 39 cm a year 5cmyear1mill50000m50km Crust on mantlecompositional Lithosphere and asthenosphere are the strength Measuring Plate Velocities How fast does the pacific Plate move for the Hawaii hotspot Rise over the run xkmnyears Earths magnetismaxial field Cause and Driving Force of Plate Tectonics Causethe cooling of planet and radioactive decay Fast velocities happen where there are many subductions
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