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Earth Sciences
Charley Bank

Geology Final TopicsApril 17 2012 SocietyChapter 1 and 2 Resources hazards water Plate TectonicsChapter 3 Locations of volcanoes and earthquakes Earthquakes Western coast of North and South America Edges of midocean ridges Volcanicallyactive islands Ocean trenches Island arcs Volcanoes Occur in belts Especially west coast of North and South America Western edge of the Pacific Ocean Parts of island arcs Ocean trenches Identify areas where there are refer to maps Mountains but no earthquakes Southern edge of Africa Mountains go more inland than earthquakes which stay mostly on the coast Mountains but no volcanoes Southern edge of Africa Inland parts of Asia Earthquakes but no volcanoes There are few volcanoes along plate boundaries in the middle of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans 3 types of plate boundaries DivergentConvergent Oceanic and Continental Plates Continental CollisionTransformEarths interior Lithosphere Crust and the rigid upper part of the upper mantle Asthenosphere Molten upper mantle
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