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Earth Sciences
Lisa Tutty

Final - everything from today + plate tectonics 8.3-8.4 thrusts - slide Reverse due to compression Shortened width of the continent - because increase height Strike-slip faults A lot of rocks near surface act in brittle way Deeper down ductile - rocks fold - 10s of kms down Know that there are 2 different types of folds Anticline, Syncline - antihill, sink… usually true, but sometimes flipped So true definition - oldest rocks in it's core Syncline - youngest rocks in core If flip over, still in core E.g. in side Limb - of the fold Plane - of the fold Some folds ENORMOUS Strike and dip Which way will water run - that's the dip direction Strike is perpendicular to dip Lec 6 Sedimentary Cementation - mineral comes out of water (e.g. silica - quartz cement, calcite - carbonate cement, iron - red rocks - iron cement) and glues Compation Deep seafloor - only fine grains - clays, muds Reef - carbonate sedimentary rock Skeletons and shells or precip from water - look in textbook!!! Limestone - spray HCl Limestone is almost pure calcite - mono-mineralic • Often formed at reefs Clastic sediments Limestone - ions in solution/shells Jointing - fractures near surface Lichen breaks rocks Clay weeks in water Silt - day or more Sand - 30 sec or so Can see which way prevailing wind was blowing or current Cross bedding - rock f
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