Reading Summaries for "Kim Dae Jung" Ck 56-69

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East Asian Studies
Young Yoo

[Kim Dae Jung] Ck. 56-69 < Parallel Development of ^Democracy and the Market Econom_ as the Governmental Ideology> DJ Kim[s government o For the first time, completed South Korean democratic process and form o 3 Conditions People[s demand for the restoration of democracy, national unity against regional segregation, and a reform of political system Worst conditions of South Korean Economy A ^paradigm shift_ in the post-cold war era o Ideology parallel development of democracy and the market economy N developmental dictatorship is no longer valid o Missions Develop and consolidate democracy through various reform programmes Revitalize the national economy to graduate from the IMF management Create an intellect-oriented values to expand the national potential strong enough to survive international competition o Principles and practical indices ^}K7_ ^justice,_ and ^efficiency_ ^genuine reform,_ ^people initiative,_ ^voluntarism_ Six-Point guideline for reform o (1) the realization of participatory democracy o (2) the consummation of the democratic market economy o (3) the materialisation of universal globalism o (4) the establishment of a creative intellectual foundation of the state o (5) the creation of new co-operative labour-management culture o (6) the opening of a new era of the inter-Korean relations of exchanges and cooperation New era demands South Korean society to more actively pursue the cause of democracy, a market economy, inter-Korean reconciliation and co-operation, and globalism ^Second-Nation Building_ Campaign o A total reform of the state ]Z; o ; in order to overcome the present national crisis, refurbish the groundwork of the nations, and finally to get entry to the rank of the advanced countries, ; o ; by completing a democratic market economy and internalising the universal principles and values, ; o ; on the basis of industrialisation and democratisation that have been achieved since the first nation-building of the foundation of the modern state in post-war period.
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