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East Asian Studies

Xiaoshuo Xiaoshuo fiction Originated from collection of gossips of the streets rumours So xiaoshuo could be used as reference but people shouldnt believe in them completely because they might not be all trueMany early xiaoshua are narrativeDrawn from history Later on many xiaoshuo are drawn from official history and added fictional details to the history which becomes alternative history or unofficial historyOfficial historyunofficial historyxiaoshuo Drawn from myths xiaoshuo may draw from myths and expand myth by combining it becomes legend Mythswith historical figures making it more humanized which legendsxiaoshuoHistory books Shang shushu jingClassic of Documents Books that keep record of history of early Zhou and PreZhou dynastiesEach dynasty compiled history of former dynastyCharacteristics o Centrality of history in the tradition form continuous tradition and official value system courtcentered didactically Confucian Myths and legendsMyth is timeless and placeless totally made up but has symbolic and literary valuesMyths back then are not systemic they were subject to changes Legend are somewhat historical or based on imaginary people Can be biographical topographical etc ie Emperor Wus conversation with Goddess Zhi GuaiFrom Han dynastyAbout gods ghosts supernatural and superstitious thingsConcerned with upper classes generally shortClassification nonhumans interacting with humans Daoism Buddhism black magic psychologicalspiritual encounterquests predestination of someones fate dreams Youxia wizards shamans spirit mediumExample Gan Baos Search for the Supernatural Pu Songlings Liaozhai zhiyi Strange stories from makedo studio Zhiren XiaoshuoTalk about people and their personality characteristics life experience and etcWritten in very elegant classical prosePersonality as main categoryExample Shi Shuo Xin Yu New account of tales of the world by Liu Yiqing ie Story of guanning and Hua An two friends were reading a book one got up to look at a pretigeous carriage outside the window and the one sitting down said theyre no longer friends
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