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East Asian Studies
Graham Sanders

Liu Bangknown as Emperor GaoHan Dynasty from modest family of commonersremoved most unpopular features of centralized government lessened the burdens on the peopleset up his capital at Changanmade yearly gifts to XiongnuHan Feizihad studied with Confucian master Xunzidispleased with the government the laws of Legalists designed to constrain officials as to regulate common people rd3 century BCEConfucian Virtuesfilial pietyobedience of children to parents RespectBecome junzi defining a man of moral cultivation rather than men of noble birth Should advise his ruler the best way to governRen was the ultimate virtue a person of humanity that cares about othersSocial and political realmsChu KingdomEastern Zhou DynastySouth of the four states to try and gain the most power over course of Spring and Autumn period Expanded in size via absorbing its allies Resisted by QiWarring Statesinvented crossbow for foot soldiers Confuciusserved in court of Lu after leaving Lu wandered in searching for a ruler who would follow his adviceperceived perfect society as people devoted themselves to fulfilling their roles Saw values in family tiesfilial pietyobedience of children to parents Hundred SchoolsBecause of political rivalry and constant warfare going on during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty rulers turned to philosophers for their words of wisdom Many years later around 100 BCE the thinkers were grouped into schools with renowned labels such as Confucianism Daoism and Legalism These virtues played a significant role in leading the lives of the Chinese civilians Emperor Wuimpacted Chinese culture and society141 BCE
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