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East Asian Studies
Andre Schmid

EAS 105H1S Final Exam Preparation Questions 1. How do Marx’s conceptions of a universal history, as espoused in the Communist Manifesto, become reconciled with the particular conditions of the Chinese Revolution by Mao, as articulated in his essay on the Hunan peasant movement? You are also welcome to use any information in the textbook relating to this question. 2. It is often said that the modern is obsessed with the past. How does this statement relate to conceptions of time as unilinear and teleological in the modern period? Please explain using specific examples from any country we have studied. 3. “The notion of the ‘traditional woman’was an invention of the modern period.” Discuss whether you agree or disagree with this quotation, being sure to frame your answer within the articles assigned in this class relating to gender (Deuchler, Ko, Walthall, Silverberg, Dong, and Kim). 4. The Mikiso Hane reading includes the following quotation on page 15: We met a farmer coming on horseback as we were passing along the seashore. As soon as he saw us he jumped off the horse. I caught hold of his bridle and said, “What do you mean by this?” The farmer bowed as if in great fear and began to apologize in his voluble way. “No, no,” I said. “Don’t be a fool! This is your horse, isn’t it?” “Yes your honor.” Then why not ride on your own horse? Now get back on and ride on.” The poor fellow was afraid to mount before me. “Now, get back on your horse, I repeated. “If you don’t I’ll beat you. According to the laws of the present government, any person, farmer or merchant, can ride freely on horseback, without regard to whom he meets
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