Reading Summaries for "Kim Young Sam Government" Ck 51-55

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29 Nov 2010
[The Kim Young Sam Government: Its Legacies and Prospects for Governance in South Korea] Ck 51-55
¾ Kim Young Sam government
o first civilian (munmin) government since the second Republic
o Began with high expectancy, but stepped down with disgrace
Economic hardship and Social trauma (loss of national pride)
x Acute economic crisis, financial rescue, placement of South Korea under
IMF economic trusteeship
Image as a clean politician shattered
x Arrest of Kim Hyun-chul (his son), and Hong In-gil (aide) for corruption
<Structure, Culture, and Immature Democracy>
¾ Kim YS[s vision = democratic reforms and consolidation
¾ Achievements
o De-politicization of the military
Purging of the dominant Hanahoi faction
o Ensured government neutrality in electoral management
Enabled the later election of Kim DJ
o Introduced the real name financial and real estate transaction system
¾ Limitations
o Regional polarization, political corruption, and fragmented party system continued to
prevail throughout Kim[s reign.
o Structural alignment of Korean political system and underlying political culture Æ
deterrents to Kim YS[s democratic reforms and movements to consolidation
Structural factors
x Coalitional Dynamics
o Grand conservative ruling coalition (with Democratic Justice
Party) Æ undercut his liberal posture
x State Structure
o Bureaucratic resistance Æ stalled democratic reform
x Institutional Arrangements
o Five year term presidency Æ diminish authority sooner than
o Personalized nature of party system Æ failed to generate
institutionalized support
Cultural factors
x Democratic transition was not followed by corresponding culture shifts
t traditional political culture (factionalism and regionalism) still existed
x Old practices of exchanging political patronage for financial support
(high cost politics) Æ Corruption
o Kim = victim of transitional democracy?
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