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Reading Summaries for "Kim Dae Jung" Ck 56-69

East Asian Studies
Course Code
Young Yoo

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[Kim Dae Jung] Ck. 56-69
< Parallel Development of ^Democracy and the Market EconomÇ_ as the Governmental Ideology>
¾ DJ Kim[s government
o For the first time, completed South Korean democratic process and form
o 3 Conditions
People[s demand for the restoration of democracy, national unity against
regional segregation, and a reform of political system
Worst conditions of South Korean Economy
A ^paradigm shift_ in the post-cold war era
o Ideology
parallel development of democracy and the market economy
x developmental dictatorship is no longer valid
o Missions
Develop and consolidate democracy through various reform programmes
Revitalize the national economy to graduate from the IMF management
Create an intellect-oriented values to expand the national potential strong
enough to survive international competition
o Principles and practical indices
^(}uU_ ^justice,_ and ^efficiency_
^genuine reform,_ ^people initiative,_ ^voluntarism_
¾ Six-Point guideline for reform
o (1) the realization of participatory democracy
o (2) the consummation of the democratic market economy
o (3) the materialisation of universal globalism
o (4) the establishment of a creative intellectual foundation of the state
o (5) the creation of new co-operative labour-management culture
o (6) the opening of a new era of the inter-Korean relations of exchanges and cooperation
<A ^Second Nation-Building_ for the Twenty-First Century and the ^Sunshine Policy_ Towards the North>
¾ New era demands South Korean society to more actively pursue the cause of democracy, a
market economy, inter-Korean reconciliation and co-operation, and globalism
¾ ^Second-Nation Building_ Campaign
o A total reform of the state ((]Y
o Y in order to overcome the present national crisis, refurbish the groundwork of the
nations, and finally to get entry to the rank of the advanced countries, Y
o Y by completing a democratic market economy and internalising the universal principles
and values, Y
o Y on the basis of industrialisation and democratisation that have been achieved since
the first nation-building of the foundation of the modern state in post-war period.
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¾ Historical Junctures in modern Korea
o First: enforced opening of the country
o Second: division of the nation and the Korean War
o Third: demise of the Cold War regime and globalisation requirements
x Establish political system desirable for the 21st century
x Establish principles and frameworks for managing the economy in the
globalised world
o Growth-oriented economic regime Æ market-oriented
economic regime
x Move inter-Korean relations towards reconciliation, co-operation, and
x Balanced pursuit of national ideals and universal values
¾ DJ Kim[s government[s North Korea policy is closely related with the Second Nation Building
o Adopt an alternative to promote co-prosperity of two Koreas, ending confrontation and
o Government no longer use the issue of North Korea for political purpose Æ institute a
transparent process by formulating North Korea policies under democratic principles
o Inter-Korean exchanges and co-operation in line with the principles of market economy
Vitalise inter-Korean economic co-operation that South Korean enterprises in
own capacities can conduct business dealings with North Korea independently
o Sunshine policy aims at a participatory North Korea policy based on the national
< Unification Philosophy and the Thoughts on Peace>
¾ :<]u[hv](]]}vWZ]o}}ZÇWµ}v}uÇUWUu}Ç
o too(o]vZ^^µvZ]v}o]Ç_v^Z]v]o}vv]vPE}Z<}_
¾ /}o}P]o}(:<]u[P}Àvuv[hv](]]}v}o]Ç~KvE]}vo]uUW}]]ÀWU
and Global Democracy) is closely related to the three principles of the three-stage unification
o Open Nationalism
Open Nationalism = endorses the nationalism for liberation an independence
from colonialism
Closed Nationalism = embraces anti-foreign xenophobia
o Positive Peace
x Confidence building between two Koreas
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